Access to the latest technology by spreading the cost

Let’s face it: there are some items that we just can’t live without these days. Be it the latest mobile tablet or phone, or new 4k televisions with in-built streaming services – we simply can’t get enough shiny tech!

But our love of top tech certainly isn’t cheap! Luckily, that’s where we can help.

Give your employees access to the latest tech with the option to spread the cost through their salary. There's no upfront cost, credit checks or interest for them – just an affordable payment plan for the latest mobiles, laptops, smart TVs, tablets and more.


By helping your employees get their hands on desirable high-value lifestyle purchases, you’re helping support their financial wellbeing. In turn, and when used as part of a wider staff benefits programme, you can help boost that all-important staff engagement; reducing staff turnover and attracting the best talent the workforce has to offer.

Unbeatable Choice of Retailers

We partner with some of the biggest and best-loved retailers both online and on the high street – meaning you and your staff can chose from an incredible selection of TVs, laptops, mobiles, tablets and gadgets from the biggest and best brands on the planet.

Seamless Buying Experience

Once an employee has chosen which brand-new bit of tech they’d like to purchase, they can order it straight away via their chosen retailer. Payments are then deducted straight from their salary with no fuss – easy!

Complete Transparency

Our salary deduct programme includes a handy calculator where employees can see exactly how much their purchase will cost them and how it will affect their salary. This ensures your people are empowered to take control of their finances and encouraged to make sound, informed financial choices.

Tailored to Your Needs

You can choose your own window for the benefit to get the best sign up. You can also choose what retailers to include and min/max values (within retailer boundaries, of course); then, leave the rest to us! We’ll take care of all the admin, reporting and management.


Helping your employees to spread the cost of big lifestyle purchases has never been easier, and our tech deduct programme makes the whole end-to-end process seamless.
Our engagement experts work with you to build bespoke communication plans for your benefit window to maximise employee uptake.
Prefer a hands-on approach? No problem! Easily manage invoices, users, applications and view data and reports.
We make online applications effortless for your employees. One simple application form and they’re away!

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