Adding Value Into Your Annual Leave

Think you can’t buy time? Think again!

Our Annual Leave Purchase scheme lets your employees buy extra days off, spreading the monthly salary deductions over an entire year and adding real value to the time they spend outside of work.

It really does do just what it says on the tin – your employees can purchase additional days off work straight from their salary, giving people the time off that they need, making happy, healthy employees with a great work-life balance – all whilst you save on your wage bill.


Support Healthy Work-Life Balance

Our Annual Leave Purchase Programme puts your employees in control of their work-life balance and encourages positive wellbeing. Give your employees the option of more time out from work is something they will truly value and enjoy.


Substantial Savings for Employers

Employees use their salary to purchase extra annual leave – so, not only does your wage bill come down, but your National Insurance contributions fall with it. Beautifully simple and a win-win for both employees and employers alike!

Spread the Cost for Your Employees

Your employees can spread the cost of their annual leave purchase over the course of a whole year, only affecting their salary a little every month. And the best part? You don’t need to do anything beyond approving the requests and forwarding the reports from our platform onto your payroll. Nice.

We Make It All Easy

Leave the admin to us! We can run every aspect of your annual leave purchase scheme for you, and use our employee engagement experience to boost take-up, maximising the money you save.



Creating a culture where your employees have a perfect work-life balance has never been easier. Here’s how we make it all a breeze…
Communications come as standard with our annual leave programmes
What good is an annual leave purchase programme if no one's using it? We give you a full communications plan, including poster and email campaigns, to boost take up and maximise savings.
Our Annual Leave Purchase Programmes are tailored to your unique requirements
Tailored around your organisation based on the maximum number of days you offer, your set work patterns and the repayment time – all chosen by you.
We handle all the programme reporting for you!
We keep everything simple, handling all the logistics of your programme and providing you with all the reporting tools you'll need.

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