10 Steps to Running a Successful Consumer Promotion

10 Promotional Best Practices that will put you on the road to an awesome campaign

The crossover between physical and digital promotional marketing techniques has unsettled the traditional buyer’s journey. Interpreting the shifting needs of an audience, as well as the intricacies and impulses of individuals, is paramount to success.

With so many brands vying for consumer attention, we’ve taken a deeper look into the all-important nuances that can make or break a brand campaign.

1. Define your demographic in detail

Audiences can vary wildly. Age, gender, lifestyle, location - and many other personal factors! - can impact on the way people react to, and interact with, your promotion.

Who do you want to engage with your promotion? What kind of prize will they enjoy? Where are you most likely to connect with them? Tailor your promotions to meet the differing needs of consumers. They'll thank you for it with some awesome engagement.

2. Align your promotion to your brand, and its values

As one of our 2017 shopper survey participants put it, "I find most promotions do not align with brands and are a far-fetched attempt to lure people in."

This puts those who stick to their guns way ahead of the game. Inconsistencies can be damaging to a brand’s reputation and cause a lapse in engagement with your campaign.

If your promotion doesn’t resemble the core values of your brand, it may get lost in translation – so be sure to define exactly what your brand is all about and apply it to your campaign. Pour the heart and soul of your brand into the development of your promotion and leave no stone unturned. Make it memorable. Make it resonate.

3. Ensure real value and clear communication

Make it easy for shoppers to evaluate your promotion at a glance. People live busy lives, and attention spans are famously falling.

If you want to grab consumer attention with your promotion, avoid ambiguity at all costs. Develop a seamless campaign that makes it easy for shoppers to immerse themselves in it.

By all means keep the mechanic simple, but choose a prize that has substance. Provide consumers with something that will last long in the memory!

4. Be transparent

Our most recent shopper survey report revealed that modern consumers are both cynical and savvy when it comes to promotions. In light of this, it’s never been so vital for brands to wear their hearts on their sleeves.

Be honest and upfront about the finer details of your promotion, and leave no room for hidden surprises. Shoppers will put down your product as quickly as they picked it up.

5. Up the odds of winning

When it comes to brand competitions, twice as many consumers prefer a lower value prize with a higher chance of winning, compared to a seemingly unattainable premium prize.

But you must strike the balance that is right for you – too many low end prizes can devalue your brand. Take some time out to assess your brand image, and make sure the prizes fits the bill.

6. Don’t be lazy

Consumers love cashback and price discount offers. But brands must maintain a creative ethos, and embed such offers at the centre of their offering.

Rather than simply waving a wad of cash in their faces, give consumers something more to talk about with an incredible money-can’t-buy experience, or spark interest with gamification and user-generated content.

The more unique your promotion, the more inclined consumers will be to engage. Interrupt the shopping experience and catch their eye with something sensational!

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7. Influence shoppers at different touch points

Most consumers need a few nudges in the right direction before they purchase from you. Chances are not all of them will be in the know when it comes to your brand.

Luckily, there’ll be plenty of opportunity to engage them at every stage of their journey. In building awareness, brands must first understand what they’re trying to achieve, how they’re going to achieve it, and have a valid reason why consumers should buy from them.  

Make every touch point count. Use multiple channels to generate visibility for your promotion, and use sophisticated content to educate and entertain your audience.

8. Encourage people to share your promotion

Word of mouth can be the most powerful way to publicise your promotion. By encouraging consumers to share your promotion with like-minded friends and family, trust and credibility will follow. Make it simple, make it fun and, if using social media, integrate it into your strategy early on.

You could even ask prize-winners for testimonials once everything is done and dusted!

9. Aim to build long term loyalty

Promotional marketing shouldn’t be a short term hit. It should build awareness and loyalty over time. A brief upsurge in sales is all well and good, but when it comes down to it, it’s all about building lasting relationships with consumers.

Motivate consumers to buy into your brand by making your promotion part of a longer term plan.

10. Be responsible with consumer data

Data privacy concerns are alive and well – particularly on social media. People are very wary of promotions that ask for personal data.

Be certain to spell out exactly what it is you want from them, and how you intend to use their information. Take only what you need from consumers, and make it easy for people to opt out of further communications. Those that do opt in will be those who are truly engaged.

Make it worthwhile

So there you have it. 10 essential actions to take if you really want to impress with your next promotion!

They may be simple steps, but they’re not easy ones. Don’t rush to conclusions about your audience, take time to pin down exactly what your brand is all about, and be upfront with consumers. Trust us, it's worth the effort.

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Free ebook: Savvy Cynics  They're smart, cynical, and thirsty for a bargain! Find out what today's  shoppers are thinking in our 2017-18 consumer insights report. Click to grab yours today!