Christmas in the Office: How to remain inclusive


It's the thought that counts?

An inclusive approach to gifting

eVouchers, Voucher Cheques, and Gift Cards

Employee Discounts

Employee Cashback Card

The gift of wellbeing and balance

How Sodexo Engage can help with employee Christmas rewards





Your workforce is unique and diverse in interests, beliefs, and backgrounds. Employees may be office-based, hybrid, or fully remote. No business looks the same, and each employee is an individual, so why do employers often choose a ‘one-fits-all’ approach to employee Christmas gifts and rewards?


From October onwards, Christmas messaging is everywhere. Though we’ll be talking about Christmas gifts and rewards, it’s essential to be mindful and inclusive, recognising that not all of your employees will celebrate what is a Christian holiday.


Making your employee Christmas gift and reward strategy as diverse and unique as the people you employ is easier and more cost-effective than you may believe. As a bonus, you can incorporate all the products featured in this blog into your business’s continuous reward and recognition strategy instead of solely using them for Christmas.


More than just a thank you, our financial wellbeing products provide meaningful support to your employees’ entire household, easing some of the stress and burden of the cost of living crisis.


It's the thought that counts?

It’s a concept we’re taught as children when we’re disappointed with a present we’ve received. However, if a gift highlights that an employer is out of touch with their workforce, there are considerable implications.


There is an expectation that performance is rewarded, and after 12 months of hard work, Christmas is the perfect time to thank your workforce. Research shows that this kind of recognition can go a long way, with over one-third (37%) of workers stating that recognition is the most important part of the employee experience.


Recognising and rewarding your employees in a meaningful way improves employee engagement and boosts retention rates. A study by Gallup revealed that employees who feel undervalued were twice as likely to leave their jobs, showing that it really does pay to reward your workforce.



An inclusive approach to gifting

Employee financial, mental and physical wellbeing needs to be considered when choosing the best way to reward and recognise employees this Christmas. The best thing about the products available with Sodexo Engage is that once incorporated into your business, you can use them as part of your long-term reward and recognition strategy. This puts you in the best possible position to increase employee engagement and retention whilst boosting your employees’ power to perform.


Here are some ways Sodexo Engage can help you offer meaningful Christmas gifts that will positively impact your employees’ financial wellbeing:


eVouchers, Voucher Cheques, and Gift Cards

Every employee has different likes, needs, and wants. They’re unique, which can make festive gifting tricky, and it may seem impossible to find one reward that will suit your entire workforce. 


Thankfully, our range of e-vouchers and gift cards offer an ideal and flexible solution. With single and multi-retailer options available, you can choose from more than 80 brands and select vouchers that can be used online and in-store. Even better, eVouchers are a big tick for your eco-friendly credentials, as every code is sent digitally. 


Alongside this, you can also purchase physical voucher cheques, which you can uniquely brand to your business. Once received, your employees can go online and select where to spend their reward from a huge range of retailers.


Why do Sodexo Engage’s voucher cheques stand out from the crowd? We only bill your business for the voucher cheques when they've been converted by the employees into retail vouchers.

employee discounts

One of the best things about our range of employee discounts is that it puts the power to spend in the hands of your employees. Whether they use their reward to treat themselves or towards the cost of Christmas, they’ll be able to choose from a wide range of discounts from the top-name brands and stores they love.


From gift buying and travel to socialising and food, the average household spends an additional £740 in the run-up to Christmas. We’re in a cost of living crisis, and it’s a stressful time for employers and employees. Rewarding and recognising your employees by giving them access to savings in all areas of life can offer the equivalent of an inflation-busting pay rise.


Employee cashback card

With features such as instant employer and employee top-ups, a dedicated mobile app, and up to 15% cashback on everyday purchases, give the gift that keeps on giving this Christmas with Sodexo’s employee cashback card.


Once integrated into your business, you can use it to reward employees all year round. Brand it, distribute it, and your employees can use it wherever Visa prepaid is accepted. Each time they tap their card, they’ll see your name and know who to thank for the meaningful savings their entire household is making.



The gift of wellbeing and balance


Christmas is the ideal opportunity to invest in wellness incentives that help your workforce take control of their physical and mental health. We have designed our wellbeing programmes to support your employees, keeping them healthy, happy, and motivated. Choose from packages that include gym memberships, health screening or cycle to work schemes.


Another way to surprise and delight your employees this Christmas is to create a culture of work-life balance. 


Give the gift of time by implementing a flexible working policy into your 2023 employee retention strategy. From reducing commutes to a better work-life balance, flexible working significantly impacts employee retention rates. A recent poll found that half of employees would leave their current roles if their employers refused to offer flexible working.


Understand the needs of your employees, remain inclusive, and join the 61% of organisations benefiting from a boost in profitability and the 83% reporting increased productivity.


How Sodexo Engage can help with employee Christmas rewards


There’s a lot to consider, and we know employers feel the stress in the build-up to Christmas too. 2022 is coming to an end, and there are targets to meet and set for the year ahead. That’s why it pays to get in touch with Sodexo Engage today.


With over 60 years of experience, we understand how to create an offering that’s as unique as your business. We have designed our award-winning programmes to include rewards that make a real difference to your employees. Our friendly team of engagement experts will talk you through the options that will provide meaningful support whilst ensuring you see a return on your investment. 


Want to show your employees that you’re on their team this Christmas?  


Gift them physical, mental, and financial wellbeing with a Sodexo Engage employee reward and recognition package and reap the business benefits.



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