How can Employee Benefits Support a New Company Culture

they say that money can't buy happiness...

And in most cases this is a very true statement. So what else can you do to make sure your employees get the most satisfaction out of the job roles when a pay rise isn't the answer?

It's true that a comfortable paycheck is always a big incentive, but when you're trying to attract the top talent to your organisation or bring in a new, more positive company culture, having an accommodating benefits package could make all the difference.

It's essential to reward employees for displaying the core values of your business. This, in turn, will motivate them to achieve the goals and targets you've laid out. By offering employee benefits that support the wellbeing and lifestyle choices of your people, you can truly bring your company culture and its values, to life.

Let's explore how Employee Benefits can positively support a new company culture:

look after your people and they'll look after your business!

In the immortal lyrics of Elton John, it's the circle of life.

If you make a genuine commitment to improving the lives of your employees, you'll create a positive feedback loop whereby they feel energised and motivated to make sure your business succeeds. But remember, you have to really be invested in bringing worthwhile benefits to your people.

Find out what appeals to them, what they'll appreciate, and what will impact their lives positively. Then, look for an employee benefits partner that provides quality and consistency in delivering these benefits.

Here are some examples of the types of benefits you may consider adding to your benefits package:

  • Discounts: Give your people access to savings and discounts at the places they like to shop. This will help their money go further and allow them those extra treats they've been saving up for. 
  • Gym memberships: Feeling fit, strong, and healthy, will help your employees to feel better throughout the day, both physically and mentally. Encourage them to take charge of their health by offering access to a good gym
  • Employee assistance programme (EAP): No one is immune to life's challenges, be they financial, emotional, or legal. These kinds of problems can disrupt and affect our lives in many ways. An EAP will allow your team to tap into a host of resources, in their own time and their discretion, helping them to cope with issues faster and more effectively. 

These are just some of the initiatives you can undertake to make your people feel appreciated and looked after. When someone is considering taking up employment in your business, or your current team is trying to move towards a more aligned and productive company culture, these kinds of incentives will undoubtedly get their attention.

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show your  gratitude

Adverse workplace conditions manifest when healthy interactions are continually pushed aside in the pursuit of targets. In a more old fashioned business environment, leaders believed that simply paying a salary was enough to expect above and beyond actions from employees. This kind of model only incites anxiety and undermines the outward image your brand may be trying to project to the public.

Saying thank you and giving recognition to the people who continually invest their time and effort in your company will make them feel valued. This positive feeling, in turn, results in higher levels of productivity, better communication between colleagues and managers, and ensures the longevity of your company's success. 

The introduction of a recognition platform can inspire your team to operate as a connected force, rather than siloed departments that pass the buck from one person to another. Rewards work better than cash because they can be personalised, instantly awarded, and they don't have to break the bank if you don't have the budget for pay rises or huge bonuses – it's the gesture and the meaning behind the action that will be appreciated by the recipient.

take the leap 

At Sodexo, we've helped countless businesses to create a clear vision for their ideal company culture and actualise this vision with the tools and resources that bring it to life.

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