How to Effectively Run an Employee Benefits Programme

Employees are the backbone of any business.

By looking after your employees effectively, you can help keep them engaged and satisfied, which in turn will be reflected in employee retention, productivity levels, and overall profits across your organisation.

But helping employees feel motivated and on top of their game every day can be a tough ask – especially in stressful or highly pressurised environments. This is where a high-quality employee benefits programme comes in.

Reviewing your current programme

Before we jump straight into how you should be running your employee benefits programme, it’s important to take stock of what you currently offer as an organisation. This is so you can gauge how your staff truly feel about the current package and if they have any suggestions on how it can be improved.

To help with this step, we’ve created a templated employee benefits survey that can be copied and sent to your employees simply and efficiently. Download your free template here and follow the instructions to get started. [link to survey]

Once you’ve started to collect feedback from your employees, you’ll next want to look at how the employee benefits programme helps to support your business objectives.

By aligning your employee benefits with your business objectives, you’ll be in a much better position to report on the ROI of the programme when the time comes. Consider what is important to your business over the next 12 months, are you keen to improve your employee retention or why you have goals to help reduce absenteeism or stress-related sick leave.

Whatever your goals are for the business, have your company priorities in mind when reviewing your current package and see how your initiatives are helping your team deliver your business’s objectives.

Have a range of offerings

Employee benefits aren’t just great for employee retention; they can help to sweeten the deal in your recruitment process too!

If you work in a competitive industry or have a small talent pool to target, having something extra other than the basic salary can help you attract and retain the top talent. This is where choosing the right benefits for your team comes into focus.

For many larger companies, they’ll have a diverse group of employees, so finding offerings that will benefit different age groups and demographics can sometimes be quite different.

By working with a provider that can provide a wealth of popular, useful and engaging benefits - such as cycle to work schemes or high street discounts, you’ll be able to find something that everyone can be glad to have access to and get real value from using.

Use technology to your advantage

By opting for an online portal to deliver your employee benefits programme, you can make the different offerings more accessible to employees. For example, they can request online discount codes or top-up cash cards instantly. 

By removing any friction from the programme and extra admin from HR’s side, you’ll be able to not only save time, but your employees will be empowered to manage their own usage without the need to request anything on their behalf. No admin, no fuss – just simple, straightforward engagement at its’ best.

Also, consider adopting a clear and concise message that resonates with your company's core values and enables better communication. You can easily update employees on any changes taking place within the organisation, what processes need to be followed to take advantage of opportunities, and answer questions that may be stopping or blocking anyone from using the benefits.

Communication of the programme

Whether you decide to revamp your current programme or start from scratch, communication will be one of the most vital parts of making sure your employee benefits are a success.

By having a clear communication plan and a consistent message that ties back to the company’s core values, you’ll be able to keep everyone well informed to what changes have taken place, what processes they need to follow to take full advantage and answer any common questions that may be stopping or blocking anyone from using the benefits.

Depending on your organisation’s diversity of employees and whether they work remotely, from a number of offices or all in one building, this should all be considered when putting your communication plan together.

Speaking to your account manager of your employee benefits provider to see how they can support you on this is a great place to start. Many managed programmes will include a communications package as part of your account management to support you and your team’s resources.

Measure regularly

One of the main KPIs that help you determine the success of your employee benefits programme is through measuring your employee engagement. By checking in on how your programme is being used regularly, you’ll be able to see the impact the programme is having towards hitting your HR and business goals.

From carrying out pulse surveys with the team, measuring the uptake of the different benefits and reporting on any KPIs - such as sick days or productivity within the team - you’ll be able to gather real data that can help you assess and amend any areas of your employee benefits programme as needed. This ensures that it doesn’t roll round to another year and HR finds out that a particular department wasn’t aware of the new scheme for one reason or another – which would be bad news for everyone!

If you do start to notice a dip in engagement or lack of usage of your employee benefits offering, you’ll be able to put actions in place to help improve engagement before it gets to the end of your year and you’re trying to get budget for next year’s programme signed off!

If you’d like to find out more about our employee benefits platform and discuss your HR objectives, get in touch to request more information or arrange a call with our employee benefits team.

Review your current employee benefits programme - download your free survey template