Cycle to Work Scheme: How to Help Your Employees Make the Most of It

 cycle to work schemes are a great employee benefit

But just offering one isn't enough to ensure it's supporting your employees' wellbeing

Offering a Cycle To Work scheme is a great benefit to help you with employee wellbeing and productivity, your CSR initiatives and improve employee engagement and retention. With many of us looking at a return to office, even just one or two days a week, it can help your employees who might be anxious about commuting on public transport have another option to get into work. 

Plus, it can help your employees save up to 42% in tax and NI contributions, improve their mental health, help them manage stress and fit in exercise during they day. 

But, just offering a Cycle To Work scheme isn't enough to ensure your employees will make the most of it. Here's how you can help convince your staff to take up cycling:


How to help Your employees make the most of your cycle to work scheme

Provide facilities at work:

Your employees won't want to cycle to work if your office doesn't have the facilities to allow them to. Make sure to provide bike racks that allow people to securely double lock their bikes, with enough space for everyone. Also, access to a shower is essential and lockers to store a change of dry clothes or hang a suit can be helpful.

Remember to communicate your benefits regularly: 

Once you’ve set up an employee benefits programme, it can be easy to overlook how people are actually using it. Employees may know the company has an employee benefits package, but do they understand the savings they could make, and what it involves?

Four out of five employers who have low uptake of employee benefits schemes haven't done anything to get staff more engaged with the scheme.

To ensure there is more uptake, regularly communicating your employee benefits plan to your staff is the right way to ensure a more positive response, and doing the groundwork such as explaining how to sign up, how it will work and what they will get for joining will be beneficial. If employees feel involved in the process, they’re more likely to be interested in hearing what’s on offer.

Consider rewarding your employees 

Offering incentives to encourage employees to commute on two wheels is a popular way for businesses to get more sign-ups to cycle to work schemes. SHRM found that 40% of organisations offered rewards or bonuses for completing certain health and wellness activities. After all, people are likely to do something more if they’re rewarded for doing it.

Talk to them about the health benefits of cycling:

You never forget how to ride a bike, but people can easily forget the health benefits that cycling brings. Just 14% of British adults report ever cycling to work, and only 3% do so every day, which shows that there’s a massive opportunity for businesses to do more to inspire staff to get out and ride.

A study of over 250,000 commuters in the UK, carried out by researchers at Glasgow University, found that regular cycling can reduce the chance of getting cancer by 45%, and heart disease by 46%. The study, published in the British Medical Journal, took over five years and is the most detailed study of its kind into the benefits of getting on your bike.

These life-changing health benefits can also help businesses financially, with Cycling UK’s study into health and cycling finding that people who cycle to work regularly -on average- take less sick days per year, saving UK employers an annual sum of around £83 million.

Remind them of the financial benefits :

Financial wellbeing is something that can keep staff up at night, employers who can offer savings wherever possible through their employee benefits scheme can make a big difference. Cycling to work can help! 

As well as health benefits employees can also feel financial benefits of riding their bike to work, with research in Scotland finding cycling on shorter journeys compared to taking the car can save commuters up to £2,000 a year, the equivalent of an 8% pay raise for an average salary.


How to get started:

Cycle To Work schemes are a great way to support your employees wellbeing while saving money – win win! If you’re interested in offering a cycle to work scheme for your employees, get in touch with our experts today. They can help guide you through the process and how it can benefit you and your employers.

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