Offering an Employee Assistance Programme can Impact Your Company Culture


It's very rare that company culture undergoes a sudden negative transformation, but if you've noticed that things are on a downward trajectory, it's often the result of underlying issues in the workplace, or something deeply personal to the affected individuals.

In 2019, employees lost an average of 4.4 working days to sickness or injury. Of those absences, 12.4% were related to mental health conditions such as stress, anxiety and depression (British Safety Council).

These issues can be triggered by burnout, financial and legal concerns, marital and relationship problems, or complications with childcare. 77% of employees attribute their stress to financial worries, while 76% of workers felt that their personal relationships were affected by work stress.

The introduction of an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is a crucial investment for companies who care about their employees and are looking to make a meaningful and positive contribution to their wellbeing. EAP's are designed to offer a variety of mental and physical wellbeing support programmes including confidential mental health assistance through face-to-face counselling, and around the clock online support via telephone and email.

When your people see you showing empathy and support towards the very real problems they might be battling both inside and outside of work, they are likely to feel more secure in their role, recover quicker, and continue to show high levels of commitment, productivity and engagement.

Proactively look after your employees’ wellbeing

Whether it's mental or physical challenge that they are facing, the wellbeing of your employees has a direct impact on productivity and engagement in your organisation.

An EAP will help employees to manage any personal problems that could be affecting the performance of their day to day tasks. Being able to lean on a reliable support structure will give your people the reassurance they need to handle matters in a safe and caring environment.

By helping employees address issues which may be causing them stress or anxiety, you can help to prevent the long-term impact that theses issues could being having on their physical health, too.


By introducing an Employee Assistance programmes in your organisation, not only are helping to resolve immediate work-life matters, but you're also helping to remove the stigma often attached to mental health issues.

Instead of bottling things up and trying to compartmentalise, your employees can get the help they need when they need it.

This proactive approach means that they can make positive changes quickly and effectively, and before the issue has a chance to spiral out of control. A comprehensive EAP will offer workers a method to self-manage their wellbeing in a way that's comfortable and convenient for them.

The Employee Assistance Programme offered by Sodexo, for example, gives employees access to BACP accredited councillors who are able to offer professional support through face-to-face, online or telephone counselling sessions. We also make a wealth of resources available via an online portal, giving your people reassurance that whatever help and guidance is required, is just a click or a phone call away.


In companies where leaders recognise the need to offer support and encourage a healthy work-life balance, personal and professional challenges can be effectively managed, having positive outcomes for not only the business but also its people. 

There's nothing more discouraging for an employee than having to struggle with domestic issues while also being under the pressure of having to work for an organisation that doesn’t recognise them as an individual. By implementing an EAP in your company, you're sending a very clear message to your people:

"We see you. We value you. You matter. "

Establishing an effective Employee Assistance Programme helps your organisation to take a progressive stance on employee wellbeing, transforming your company into a people-centric environment that supports and encourages a balanced lifestyle for its people.

EAPs offer consistent support within a company, they make it possible for real, long-term behavioural change to take place.

A brief chat with a manager or a coworker about an issue may not be enough to guide the employee towards an effective resolution to their problem. Access to continuous, professional support however, can drive meaningful change in their personal and professional lives.

At Sodexo, we create customised EAPs that are designed around your business and your peoples needs.

Our employee benefits packages are flexible and able to fit your business type, size, and requirements. We make it easy for your employees to access the tools and resources available to them, and we'll also track engagement to ensure that your EAP continues to be a beneficial investment.

To start building a happy and productive workplace culture with your own Employee Assistance Programme, give us a call. Our team of specialists will answer all your questions and help you to establish exactly what your ideal EAP should look like.

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