Employee Discounts: The Christmas Gift that Keeps on Giving

Get a head start on making the festive season extra special for your employees

When do you start planning for the holidays? The week before? A few months in advance? Or do you start planning for next Christmas the moment this Christmas is over? We’re of the view that it’s never too early to start planning for the festive period – not for organisations trying to keep their employees motivated.

The impact of COVID-19 so far has meant many businesses are reluctantly inching towards the festive period. Eager to preserve a positive company culture, despite the stress and uncertainty of the times, but in many cases unable to offer those annual bonuses or company-wide pay rises.

It's likely that your employees have taken some hard knocks too. With furloughs, illness, family members becoming unemployed, the difficulties of homeschooling, and depreciating investments, etc., very few of us have managed to escape at least one of these setbacks.  

Regardless of whether your business is thriving or has just about made it through the storm, acknowledging and appreciating the efforts your people have made this year – and it's been a tough one – is more crucial than ever. But how can you do so without breaking the bank?

At Sodexo, we have a powerful solution that could help your organisation to reinforce the positive message of thoughtful giving. Sure, we love a big Christmas shindig, but since those won't be happening this year, and a big party may not necessarily give your employees the essential value they need right now, offering employee discounts could be the perfect answer.

Let's take a look why:

helping wages to stretch further

The festive season is stressful enough without adding a global pandemic into the mix. There are family and friends to cater for, kids to entertain, and many other seasonal commitments that undoubtedly stretch the budget to eye-watering proportions. 

And what about those who have already had a pretty rough year financially? The thought of not being able to sprinkle the usual festive joy in their households may add to feelings of depression and anxiety – all of which can trickle into their professional lives, too. 

With the Sodexo Engage Employee Discounts programme, you can give your people access to some fantastic savings on items and experiences that resonate with their current needs and wants – whether that's everyday essentials or luxuries. Put more power in their wallets with eVouchers, gift cards and employee cashback rewards. After creating a programme that suits your budget, we'll set up our easy-to-use online platform and give your employees access to their favourite high street names at prices they can afford.

What can your people enjoy with Sodexo Employee Discounts?

eVouchers and Gift Cards – Access to over 100 online and high street retailer chains, 26 restaurants, 42 entertainment venues, and lots more independent stores across the UK. 

Holiday discounts – Put that much needed holiday back on the 2021 calendar with the best deals on flights, hotels, tours, and packages. 

Employee cashback card – Earn up to 15% cashback on everyday purchases made across 60+ key retailers. 

Online cashback – Make use of an easy to use online portal that gives employees access to their favourite retailers from the comfort of their own home and allow them to claim cashback on purchases.

Cinema benefits – Watch all the holiday blockbusters with discounts on tickets as well as snacks. 

Employee discounts help to create an organisational culture that cares about the people in it.

When employees can make their budgets go further, they will appreciate the benefits of staying loyal and engaged with your company, helping to improve staff retention. A survey by Glassdoor revealed that discounts are considered to be one of the top benefits and perks for employees – 17% value them more than a pay rise.

And that makes sense, really. A monetary reward is quickly swallowed up by the household expenses and forgotten about. 

In contrast, a discount or a voucher that is earned through demonstrating positive behaviour helps employees to make that connection between aligning with company values and getting rewarded for it. When you help your people save money and get more enjoyment out of their lives, you are contributing to a healthier mindset and demonstrating a commitment to their wellbeing – something that makes 87% of employees more likely to stay with an employer.

sodexo engage's employee discounts app

We've designed an intuitive app that your employees can access on desktop and mobile, helping them to take advantage of all the great discounts and benefits you've included in your rewards package. Our new streamlined, easy-to-manage app hub enables employees to enjoy discounts whenever and wherever they are – a fantastic solution for business with a growing remote team. 

We'll work closely with you to ensure that your Employee Discount Programme delivers a positive return on investment by helping to keep your people engaged and committed to your company's goals. 

So, don't worry if pay rises are not on the cards this Christmas – that doesn't mean your people have to go home empty-handed over the holiday season. Our effective benefits scheme has helped employees to save over £70m collectively and provided employers with an annual saving of £25m

If you'd like to find out more about our services and support your people in the ways that truly matter this Christmas, get in touch with us today.