How to Create a Happy Workplace in the Office and At Home


Whether your employees are working from home or the office

Work isn’t always fun and games, no matter how much we enjoy our jobs. In fact, only 54% of employees are happy most of the time at work (Mindspace). But you don’t have to just accept this, as an employer you can do your bit to make your workplace somewhere your teams enjoy being, whether that’s a virtual space or your office.  

From encouraging a culture of recognition to focusing on development and making your spaces a bit more green, there’s a number of things you can introduce to your workspace to help your employees feel that bit happier when they’re at work. And there’s some great benefits of doing so…  


What are the benefits of a happy  workplace: 

Having a happy workplace has many benefits, including: 

  • Improving productivity: happy workers are 13% more productive (Oxford University Saïd Business School)     
  • Help you retain your employees: employees who are happy at work are more likely to stay with you, helping you keep your teams expertise and save the costs of recruiting  
  • Boost creativity: according to The Happiness Advantage, our brains work better when we’re feeling positive which can help us be more creative and solve problems  

6  ways to create a happier work environment 

 1. Recognise regularly  

According to Office Team, 66% of employees say they would quit their jobs if they felt unappreciated. But despite this, 65% of employees said they haven’t received any form of recognition for their good work in the last year (BambooHR).  

You could incorporate informal recognition into team meetings as well as encouraging your teams to say thank you to their colleagues that they think deserve it that week. Or have a monthly recognition programme in place where your teams and managers nominate someone they think deserves a shout out (or a reward like a voucher or gift card!).  

However you choose to recognise your team, it’s important to do it more than once a year in performance reviews.  

2. Invest in your employees’ development  

As well as helping to improve your team's happiness at work, personal development can help with staff retention, attracting talent, and motivation. Professional growth is part of self-actualisation in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, which when applied to the workplace can help you improve your employee engagement too!  

You could offer mentorship opportunities, host lunch and learns, or work with your teams on development plans. Find out more about how career development can help with employee retention here 

3. Don’t forget about the importance of social events 

Having a relationship with our colleagues will naturally mean that the hours we spend at work are more enjoyable. So it’s important to give your employees time to foster these friendships by hosting or encouraging gatherings that bring your teams together. It could be virtual coffee mornings, picnics or BBQs or team building events.  

4. Make their space greener  

Being outside in nature can make us feel better and boost our creativity! Although working outside isn’t always practical, you can bring some of the outside in. Plus adding greenery to an office space can increase productivity, reduce absenteeism, and increase feelings of wellbeing by 40% (Journal of Psychology).  

Wherever your employees are based, you could add some plants to your office space or send them home as a treat. 

5. Bring some wellness to work 

From physical health to mental wellness or financial wellbeing, there are many ways you can help your employees to stay healthy and happy.  

You could offer wellbeing discounts like Gym Memberships or Cycle to Work to help your employees get active while saving money. Or you could host wellness sessions weekly like yoga classes or meditation as well as running fitness or wellbeing challenges!  

Offering an Employee Assistance Programme will also help your employees with their mental health by giving them access to someone to talk to and resources to help them.  

6. Make  work-life balance    a priority 

Having a good work-life balance can help your employees be happier, while also improving their wellbeing! Encourage them to take time away from work, make sure to regularly review their workload to ensure they’re not taking too much on and to take breaks during the working day to get up and move around.  


How we can help you make your workplace happier: 

Your employee benefits are key to happy and healthy employees, we can help you create a rewards and benefits strategy that can support you and your teams. Get in touch today to speak to our experts to get started! 

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