How You Can Offer Corporate Perks to Staff

from ping pong tables to free coffee there are many perks an office might have

But as we move to a hybrid way of working do your perks need to change...

Corporate perks are a great way to engage your workforce, make you competitive when recruiting and help you retain your talent! Now that we’re coming out of lockdown, and we’re considering the future of offices, you might be looking to change up your perks to reflect the new normal.

Most employees want more than just a pay check every month, we all want to be happy at work and work for a company that gives something back to us. This is where offering corporate perks can really help.

Ping pong tables and free lunch used to be really great perks to make your office a fun place to come to everyday. But now that we’re all considering a more hybrid approach to where we work, there are other perks you can offer to take their place.

Here’s why they work, and 10 perks you can offer to your employees wherever they’re located…


Why do perks work?

Attracting the top talent can be quite competitive and having a range of perks can help you stand out compared to your competition. According to research by EBRI 78% of employees say that benefits and perks are very important in their decision to accept or reject a job. Research by One Medical also supports the importance of perks, with 69% of employees saying they would choose one job over another if it offered better benefits.

Offering perks can also show that you care about your employees and their everyday lives, which can help create a supportive and caring workplace culture.


Top 9 Corporate Perks to Offer at Work:

1. Free office activities:

Whether you start an office book club, a weekly walking group or even a wine appreciation club, it’s a great way to show that you care about your employees interests outside of what they can bring to work.

These are a great way to help your colleagues connect with people they might not work with every day. These can be as cost effective as you want them to be, all you really need is a group of people who share the same hobby. Plus, there are many activities that can just as easily be done over a Zoom call as in person, so they can work for all your employees.

2. Start some sports teams

As we’re easing out of lockdown, a lot of team sports are opening back up. Now would be a great time to start up one. Whether it’s netball, football or even ultimate frisbee, there are many team sports that you could create a team for. As a bonus, this is a great way for people to connect while encouraging them to get active. What isn’t to like?

3. Birthday leave

When we’re older, our birthdays aren’t always as fun as when we were kids. But, you can change that! Why not give all your employees their birthday off? They can then use the day to celebrate how they want. You could also give your employees the chance to use it within a week or so either side of their actual birthday so they can arrange to spend it with family or friends.

4. Flexible working hours

Flexible working has become more common in recent years, whether it’s letting your employees start at 7 so they can finish a couple of hours earlier than normal, or take an extended lunch break so they can get a gym session in. Offering this as a perk shows that you trust your employees to get their work done and can actually make them more productive too!

5. Remote working

A lot of us have been working from home for over a year now and reaping the benefits of it. Many employees aren’t desperate to rush back to the office, so being an employer that allows people to choose where they work will help you recruit!

6. Discounts on holidays

From a staycation in Cornwall to a sun-soaked beach stay in Spain, many of us are looking forward to hopefully getting a holiday this year. You could help your employees save money on their getaways by offering discounts on holidays, and we can help! Our inhouse experts can get you, and your teams savings of up to 10% on their holidays.

7. Help them save money on everyday purchases

Whether it’s savings on tech to cashback on clothes or even their weekly shop, there’s plenty of ways you can help your employees save money every day. Plus, if you offer a cashback card you can even get it branded so that your company is front and centre in your employees mind every time they use it.

8. Free lunches

If you’re employees are in the office, even for 1 day a week, why not treat them to some lunch? Whether it’s getting a local coffee shop to provide sandwiches or get a delivery in. If your employees are working from home, why not send them vouchers so they can treat themselves to something nice.

9. Gym memberships

Now that gyms are opening back up, why not help your employees get active while saving some money by offering a discount on gym memberships?


How we can help:

Corporate perks are a great way to support your employees in and outside of work and help you attract and retain talent. If you want to start offering perks at work, get in touch with our experts today. They can help you decide what perks your employees would value most.

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