Lockdown Lunch Ideas for Work: Advice for Your Employees

it's national nutriTIon month!

Here's the important of lunch breaks at work, and some ideas for lunches...

We all know the importance of physical activity on our wellbeing, whether we get out cycling after work or take part in an online workout class in the evening. But do we focus enough on our nutrition?

March is National Nutrition Month, a time all about making informed food choices, and developing good eating habits. Eating a healthy, nutritious diet can provide us with the energy we need to keep active throughout the day, as well as providing us with the nutrients our body needs.

Having a focus on employee wellbeing is important to help look after their health, but it also provides return on investment. From increased engagement, loyalty, and productivity to reduced absenteeism...


The Importance of Lunch Breaks When Working from Home:

Whether we’re working from home or in the office, it can be all too easy to grab a sandwich and eat it at our desk (if we have one!) to try to get more done. But not getting enough breaks throughout the day can actually make us less productive! We gain focus and energy when we take a break from our laptops, it gives us time to recharge and boost creativity.

It’s important to encourage your employees to take their breaks and avoid eating at desks. Now that we’re getting into spring, if the weather is good, why not suggest they take their lunch outside on a balcony, in a garden or even a nearby park. It’s not only good for employee wellbeing, it can also help with overall job satisfaction too.

But, if you, or your employees, are stuck in a lunch rut, we’ve got 5 ideas for when you’re working…


5 Lockdown Lunch Ideas For Work:

Make the most of leftovers:

Leftovers are a great option for a quick and easy lunch. All you need to do is make a bit more of your dinner the night before, and then reheat when you’re ready. Great options are things like a vegetarian chilli, pasta, and curry.

A warming soup:

Whether you make a big batch of soup on the weekend, or you prefer to pick something up from the shops, soups can be a great way to get some veg and nutrients into your diet. Warm up some crusty bread in the oven and enjoy. Perfect for one of those bright, but chilly spring days.

Pop a jacket potato in the oven:

The great thing about working from home is that you can put a potato in the oven in between video calls and working then it’s ready for lunch when you are. You can customise your toppings to your liking, but a few ideas are:

  • Baked beans and cheese
  • Tuna, mayonnaise, and sweetcorn
  • Chilli (a way to use your leftovers!)

Upgrade your sandwich:

Working from home comes with the advantage of a fully stocked kitchen, and no wait for the microwave! So, why not make the most of it and take some time to treat yourself to an upgrade to the traditional sandwich. You could make a fish finger sandwich or a BLT, or even a cheese toastie.

Give eggs a go:

From omelettes to poached, scrambled, or boiled, eggs can make a super great lunch. They’re quick and easy to make, and they’re full of protein which can help you stay fuller for longer.


Want of offer more advice to your employees?

Staying physically, mentally, and financially well all contribute to our overall wellbeing. If your employees are struggling with any aspect of their wellbeing, offering an employee assistance programme can help. They can help your employees with:

  • Access to counselling (online, face-to-face and via email)
  • Financial wellbeing advice
  • Support for those working from home
  • Diet and exercise tips


How we can help:

We know it isn’t always easy to know how to offer a comprehensive staff wellbeing programme that benefits all employees. If you want to learn more about the ways you can support your employees health and wellbeing, why not get in touch with our experts? They can help guide you through solutions and plans you can put in place to help your staff.

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