Five Ways to Improve the Commute

Infographic:  Employee Enrichment on the Way to Work

A great organisational culture, where staff are inspired to be at their absolute best, doesn't start when people walk through the door. When it's done right, workplace engagement extends beyond the boundaries of your building - including to the commute!

Every year, 7 April is Walk to Work Day, where employees across the world are encouraged to commute on foot rather than by public transport or car, to highlight the benefits of getting exercise.

Walking to work is great for both mental and physical health, – but if your employees can’t trek to the office on foot, there are plenty of ways to make the most of their journey to work.

Our infographic looks at five ways to enrich the commute, whether on foot, by bike, public transport, or even by car - and how your employees can start feeling the benefits today.

Improve your Commute

Square Pegs and Round Holes