Four Trends in Consumer Behaviour: 2016-2017

What makes your consumers tick?

Understanding consumer behaviour is the key to business success. A knowledge of what makes your audience tick answers some of the big questions your brand has when designing a promotion: Who are we targeting? Which mechanics resonate well? Which channels encourage engagement? Where can they be reached? How can we build relationships?

So, how much do you really know about your consumers?

To ensure your next promotion ignites interest from the right people, we take a closer look at this year’s trends and those set to impact the industry in 2017.

Smart Consumers, Smartphones

Globally, more consumers are picking up smartphones – 2.6 billion people, in fact (TechCrunch). They have become the latest shopping tool, and brands need to take note.

As consumers become more accustomed to superior convenience, brands are expected to deliver this too. Instant coupons, scan-to-win barcodes, and loyalty registration – brands should incorporate novel mechanics that allow quick and instant access to their promotions.

Mobile’s multi-function capability is a plus too! With gaming, apps, email, social media and advertisements, smartphones offer several opportunities to introduce different touch points and boost interaction.

Consumers who care

Climate change is affecting more people than ever before. It has become a catalyst for change.

Environmentalism shapes the day-to-day actions people take, from the products they buy, to the brands they engage with. Create a synergy between your business and their needs by becoming more environmentally friendly with your promotional activity.

Think about your promotion prize, or the mechanics you use. The chance to win a home energy management system might attract more attention from today’s environmentally consumers than a product with no sustainability.

Take advantage of consumers’ tech-savvy approach to shopping and use mobile and or online mechanics over postal competition entries or paper coupons.

There are simple changes you can make to optimise your appeal… and help save the planet at the same time!

The consumer journey is complicated and constantly evolving. It’s integral that consumer trends steer the direction of your promotion, but be mindful they’re not outdated.

As we near the end of 2016 (sorry, what?!), the time will come to look ahead to 2017. Are you ready to create fireworks with your new year promotion?

No? Well, hopefully these upcoming trends will help you create an inspired promotional marketing campaign.

And what will help you on your way?

Our handy guide, of course:

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Trends for 2017

Every year brings about exciting possibilities and new platforms from which to leverage your brand. And 2017 will be no different.

But what can we expect to see next year and how will this affect your promotional activity?

TV will enjoy its final rolling credits

Consumers are currently engaging with television more than online video. Yet online viewership is growing.
Netflix, Amazon Prime, Vimeo, YouTube… as more consumers turn their backs on the tradition of television, brands should migrate their marketing efforts to these online channels and away from TV advertisements.

However, TV audience is ageing. So, although younger generations are migrating online, brands targeting mature consumers can stick to what they know.

If you’re targeting younger generations, remember…

Just because TV is fading away, it doesn’t mean your promotional activity should too. Approach online video in the same way. Work out what types of programmes and content your target audience will be enthralled by and use this to leverage your campaign.

Engaging with consumers across several different touch points is an essential part of running an epic consumer promotion. Creating punchy, interactive videos on demand that can be placed across online channels will introduce a sophisticated touch point to your campaign and take advantage of this trend.

Don’t box yourself in with just established online channels. The beauty of VODs – and why brands should start taking notice now – is that they can be embedded onto external sites. This adds yet another touch point to your campaign, and enhances targeted visibility.

Social media separates the creative brands from the dull

Social media. We reckon it’s been a trend for the past 5 years, at least!

But with the number of active social media users to grow to 2.55billion by the end of 2017 (eMarketer), it’s more important than ever to incorporate it into your promotion.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat… consumers are incredibly active across social media channels. And there is a growing demand that you are too.

But be clever about it.

Only 8% of today’s consumers prefer to take part in brand promotions on social media.

Rather than running your promotion exclusively through social media, simply make it active and accessible across the channel.

Don’t expect to dramatically shake the behaviour of your audience with a simple ‘share to win’ campaign. Be creative. Facebook live video, Instagram Stories and Snapchat Geofilters – just to name a handful of social media’s latest innovations. If your audience are using these features, why aren’t you?

Highlight your synergies and build a relevant brand image by engaging with consumers as they would with their friends.

Social media opens up the floor for real-time communication between brands and their consumers. Don’t ignore this! If you want more information about your audience, ask them. They’ll enjoy your attempt at engagement and you could get some valuable insights about who you are targeting.

Get in front of your consumers when and where they are most willing to engage. Pinpoint the channel or channels that matter most to your audience – focusing your efforts solely on these could end up being more beneficial than spreading your campaign loosely across three or four.

With the help of social media, you can build relationships and introduce a solid platform for regular interaction.

Enable, empower, engage

Consumer control is a thing. Brands who believe otherwise are in for a shock.

Consumers decide what they want, when they want it, how they receive it, and where and who they share it with. Once the driving force behind consumer activity, brands are now facilitators for consumer choice.

Enable and empower your consumers. Meet their demands with relevant promotions and you will benefit from a surge in engagement.

All of these trends are important. Use them to develop an enviable understanding of your consumer’s buying behaviour – past, present and future – and channel your audience at every stage of your campaign.

Ready to get a deeper understanding of your customer base?

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Free ebook: Savvy Cynics  They're smart, cynical, and thirsty for a bargain! Find out what today's  shoppers are thinking in our 2017-18 consumer insights report. Click to grab yours today!