How to Boost Your Next Campaign with Clever Communications

Time to level up your campaign comms

We all want to exceed expectations and deliver a valuable return on investment, but anyone can easily forget the basic ingredients of a successful campaign sometimes!

We’ve already looked at the integration of innovative technology, but there are plenty of opportunities to make or break your next promotion. For us, there’s one practice that stands out, one practice that holds together the fabric of any campaign.

And what is that practice, you ask?

Smart, effective campaign communication between campaign partners and, of course, your all-important target audience.

Cool, calm and collected communication

To really hook in an audience, it’s important to employ customer service and partner communications that go above and beyond the call of duty. Smart brands need to create synergy between the campaign’s marketing collateral and prizes – and really be strategic with their marketing communications. How will they target an audience, and when?

Remember you may want to supplement your digital assets with traditional adverts, timely FAQs, and up-to-date prize information. Creating a dedicated microsite to support a customer claims and query service can also add a really useful dynamic to your communications.

It’s vital to work closely with each party involved to create a seamless journey for the customer, and added value for the client. It’s inevitable that a customer will have a query at some point during even the simplest promotion – so the management of their issues and expectations is crucial.

Effective communication is always key to ensuring the ultimate customer experience when multiple parties are involved. It’s important that the customer service team are as well-versed in the mechanics of a promotion as the campaign manager and vice versa – and everything must be managed without a hint of difficulty for the consumer.  

Yep, we know we said it already, but it bears repeating: the customer journey must be seamless!

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Redemption forecasts

When we talk about communication here, we’re talking about how important it is to share information between agency and manufacturer or brand.

Success in redemption rates relies on your chosen agency’s prior product knowledge, plus insights from your brand to try and answer key questions, such as how many packs consumers purchase per shop. No matter the campaign mechanic, accurate forecasting is always required – not only for budgetary considerations, but also for the projected level of uptake and redemptions.

Once the necessary information had been extracted and compiled, forecasts should be used to make sure the correct stock levels are maintained, and to reduce the risk of over-redemption. It’s a fine balance between a popular campaign and a campaign which over-redeems. A truly great promotion all comes down to being prepared!

Multiple relationships

Lots of legwork can be necessary to keep multiple relationships ticking along nicely. Spend plenty of time in communication with your fulfillment partner as each prize needs to be approved, on brand, and in line with your promotions guidelines.

When it comes to managing stock efficiently, it's essential for your promotion partners to know which products need to be available, and the volumes of each one. Make sure you help to inform and direct suppliers on likely redemption rates for each product.

Exceeding expectations

Thoughtful planning, smooth management of the promotion, and the security of data, money and assets add huge value to the overall efficiency of the campaign.

By working in partnership with suppliers and agencies, you can establish strong relationships which you can return to and rely on for any future promotional risk management campaigns. Keep communication clear and open and it'll help deliver fantastic results for promotions, time and time again.

What’s next?

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