How to Motivate Staff Throughout the Summer

help your employee's motivation stay high throughout the summer!

There’s plenty to love about the summer months, from longer evenings to more sunshine and holidays on the horizon! But these can cause distraction among your staff members which can affect their motivation and productivity. According to research, 46% of employees say that their personal productivity goes down throughout the season. 

Between time off to keep us refreshed to more opportunities to get outside in the fresh air and exercise, July and August aren’t necessarily bad for employers. They are great months to help your employees’ wellbeing! 

But, there are ways you can encourage employees and keep them engaged and motivated throughout the summer. From encouraging your employees to make the most of their annual leave, offering extra holiday time if they need it to seasonal get togethers. Here's how you can motivate your employees...


How holidays can motivate staff:

Annual leave has a range of benefits for your employees’ and wellbeing, including reducing stress, improving their mood and give their health a boost. And, it can help improve productivity too, so it’s really a win-win! 

But despite this, the average UK employee uses just 62% of their annual leave entitlement (Glassdoor). Encourage your teams to take time off so they avoid burnout and can keep their motivation and productivity high. 

Encourage your teams to take their time off by making it easy to do, reminding them to make the most of it and sharing recommendations of places to go.

 You can also give your staff access to more holiday options to motivate them, with schemes such as annual leave purchase where employees can buy extra days of holiday as part of a net pay deduction arrangement spread across the whole year. As an employer you get a reduction in the wage bill while your teams get more days to enjoy the summer months!

Flexible working can help too, as with schools finishing it means parents often need childcare, which isn’t always available. Allowing them to work around their other commitments can help your employees feel more trusted, valued and might even work harder! 

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Don’t forget about team building activities or summer events:

Everyone looks forward to the Christmas party, but those events don’t have to wait till the winter! Summer is a great time to get together with your teams. They can help with motivation, engagement and creating a positive work culture too. Plus the nice weather gives you more options for different events. 

You could arrange small garden parties, BBQs or picnics for your teams. Inviting employees’ families along too is the perfect, if you can, as it gives you the chance to show off your caring nature as an employer, enhance your reputation, and positively show your company culture.

If you have staff that are spread across the country or your teams are too big to meet under current guidelines, you could either do virtual events like an online happy hour or arrange small activities where people don’t have to travel too far to get together with their colleagues. 

Whatever the event, they are sure to do a fantastic job of helping your employees feel motivated!

 Parties, sport teams or team building retreats that involve more fun times than work themes are sure to be a hit with workers during the summer. Economists from the University of Warwick found that happiness led to a 12% spike in productivity, so keeping your teams happy is key to motivating them during summer.


How we can help motivate your teams:

If it sounds like hard work, it doesn’t have to be! If you are stuck for ideas, our team have a lot of tricks up their sleeves to help you motivate your staff this summer. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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