How to Revamp Your Employee Reward Programme for Remote Working

working from home has caused many changes to how  we work

Including how to engage employees with your employee reward programme...

We’ve all been working from home for almost a year now, with benefits for employees like a shorter commute, more time to spend with family and potential cost savings from not getting takeaway coffee or lunch. It’s no surprise that research by Wade Macdonald found that 86% of people would be happy to work from home more frequently than before post-pandemic and nearly 20% would be happy never to return to the office again.

With a move away from the traditional office set up and a change to the overall employee experience, there are a number of other things that will need to change too. And one of those is your employee rewards programme.

Although working from home has its benefits, it comes with its own challenges – including feelings of isolation, disconnection and poor communication. This is where staff rewards can help. Here’s our advice on how to revamp your reward programme to help your employees feel engaged and stay productive while working from home:


Going beyond a payslip:

Money troubles are a leading cause of stress and anxiety, which can have a big impact on our mental health and productivity levels. Cost saving vouchers are a simple, yet effective, way to help. You can help your employees save money on what matters to them or allows them to treat themselves. Whether it’s a voucher for a takeaway or their favourite clothing brand, there’s something for everyone. And, the best part, they can choose what they want to spend the voucher on.

As well as helping your employees save money, it also helps your staff feel valued and invested in. Which are both important when thinking about staff retention.


Make your rewards accessible and easy to use:

The next step in creating a rewards programme is ensuring that they’re accessible, easy to use, and with employees working from home, online! You can get eVouchers that can be delivered directly to your employees’ inbox – they’re available to be used immediately with no activation codes required, which is eco-friendly and convenient for your employees!


Remember, every employee is different:

All your employees across your business will want, need and benefit from slight different things, and your benefits and rewards programme needs to have a little something for everyone. Working parents could benefit from flexible working to help take the pressure off managing family commitments (find out more about supporting working parents here) or those who like to keep up with the latest trends might love a voucher so they can save on their clothes shopping. 


Don't forget:

  • To celebrate important events. Whether it’s a long-service award, outstanding performance or perhaps a milestone birthday, celebration packages can help give your employees a personalised touch and a great memory.
  • We’re all shopping online these days, so prepaid employee recognition cards are a great way to reward your employees time and time again. They can incentivise your staff to achieve, with valuables rewards when they do. Plus, it’s as cost-effective as possible to maximise your ROI.
  • To think outside the box with rewards. Now that we’re working from home, your employees might be getting into the habits of staying online past their core hours, help prevent employee burnout with rewards like extra annual leave.

Remember, communication is crucial:

No rewards programme, no matter how amazing and extensive, will work to keep your employees engaged without regular and transparent communication from senior leaders. We’ve all been through a challenging year, and as employees it’s more stressful not to hear anything from management than for them to say that it’s a difficult time for the business.

Plus, don’t forget to remember to just say thanks for all the hard work. Whether or not you’re offering vouchers, prepaid cards, or celebration packages, saying thanks can go along way. It will help keep your employees engaged and motivated.


How we can help:

We understand it isn’t always easy to nail your reward programme and get your employees engaged with it. That’s where our experts come in. They can help guide you through the best options for your staff rewards and how it can help keep your employees motivated and engaged, wherever they’re based. Get in touch with us today.

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