Get Your Office Into The Spooky Spirit This Halloween!

The clocks have gone back, a chill is in the air and the nights are getting longer… Winter is drawing in and Halloween is upon us again!

Whilst it’s not a holiday in the traditional sense, the spookiest time of the year gives everyone young or old the chance to indulge in some good old-fashioned fun. Plus, it’s a great way to kick off the upcoming holiday season and draw the year to a close on a high.

The last few months of the year can often be tricky for many businesses, with employee motivation and productivity trailing off as the nights draw in and Christmas approaches. In fact, it’s thought that December 18th is the worst day of the year for productivity! 

It’s up to employers to keep their employees motivated and in the zone right up until the end of the year – and this is where having some fun over Halloween can not only keep spirits high, but set the tone for your company’s culture in the months to come.

Now before you go off to organise your workplace’s horrifying Halloween festivities, just remember that not everyone will want to get involved. Some may be busy on important projects, not be able to make it or would just prefer to keep themselves to themselves!

No employee should ever feel pressured to participate in non-work-related activities they might not enjoy; so, keep any activities you plan purely voluntary and be mindful people’s wishes.

So, what are the devilish delights and eerie events you can try in your workplace? Here’s some fang-tastic ideas to get you going…


Who didn’t enjoy a bit of trick or treating when they were a kid? Why not bring it back for your office by challenging your teams to come up with a fun sweet treat or surprise to give away with some department trick or treating?

It may seem a little superfluous, but if you have a large organisation with lots of siloed departments, encouraging your employees to venture out from their normal areas and interact with different areas of the business can work wonders.

They’ll perhaps get to know their co-workers a little better, or even discover something new about the business.

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Pumpkins are synonymous with Halloween, and carving will never go out of fashion!

This is a great way to encourage teamwork and creativity with your employees: just get hold of a bunch of pumpkins, hand them out to your different teams or department and the best carvings win a prize – simple, really!


Continuing the creativity theme, why not offer prizes for best or most terrifyingly-themed work area? You can even enhance the team-building aspects of this competition by encouraging groups of people to work together to decorate a shared space or nominate a specific area; like a conference room or break-out space.

Not only can let your teams’ imagination run wild here, you can also give them something positive to share about your organisation on their favourite social platform, too. Double-win!


A Halloween-themed party is another sure-fire way to spread the Halloween spirit before your employees head off into the dark and dim night. Even better, combine it with your people’s terrifying decorations and you’ve got the perfect ghoulish gathering!

Just provide some drinks and snacks, crank up some music and add a couple of fun, optional activities to participate in and you’re ready to go!

Of course, allow your staff time to socialise with and enjoy each other’s company, but be mindful of noise out of respect for employees who would prefer to work instead.


A creepy costume contest can work on two levels; firstly, you can hand out fun awards or prizes to the best and worst costumes (whichever is appropriate really!) and secondly, because it’s also a brilliant way to raise awareness of a worthy charity of cause by asking for a donation to enter.

So, not only are you having some fiendish fun, you can also use it as an opportunity to raise money for a great cause. Not bad, right?

Just don’t forget, that there may be people who would prefer not to dress up (after all, it might not be for everyone!). To keep them included, an alternative activity might be to bring in an old Halloween photo from their childhood and give a special award for best throwback costume.


Christmas may still be a couple of months away, but we'd guarantee Christmas will be on the minds of many of your employees - and not always in a positive way!

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