How Sodexo Engage Helps You Develop A Positive And Productive Company Culture

The concept of productivity can induce a lot of anxiety for employees. 

In a fast-paced digital world where instant communication facilitates accelerated volumes of output, the pressure to perform can hit employees from all angles.

Ultimately, this kind of stress can be hugely counterproductive. If you're finding that profits are stagnating and your workforce appears demotivated, it may be time to ask what you as an organisation can do to re-energise your employees and instil a stronger commitment to the business values and objectives. 

The task of improving productivity, however, is not a short term project for your HR team. The initiative should be based on a clear picture of what success looks like for your enterprise as a whole. From thereon, you must work to build an ecosystem that facilitates equal value exchange between the business and its employees. 

It's necessary to have buy-in from all levels of management to ensure that there is consistency in implementation. These efforts will go a long way to ensuring that employees feel listened to and appreciated; the results will be reflected in your improved company culture and productivity levels. 

Sodexo Engage can help you lay the foundations required to build a happy, healthy and fruitful organisation. We will strategise your approach to rewarding staff members by taking a deep dive into the mechanics of what makes your company tick and what concerns and issues are preventing your team from performing at their peak. 

Creating the right culture

Your company culture should be dictated by its values.

Often, through bad habits and lack of support from management, your organisation's mission can get diluted; this manifests in a fragmented team that is not aligned with the core objectives of the business and, very often, not aligned with one another. 

It's important to review any outdated practices which may be bringing the wrong-fit individuals into your evolving business and also gain a clear insight into what makes your existing employees feel proud to be affiliated with your brand. 

How we do it 

We'll work closely with you to rediscover the original blueprint and see what's preventing your team from co-ordinating with the outlaid aims. 

It may be that your employees don't buy into the values and principles you have proposed because they are not promoted or demonstrated by senior members of staff. It could be that workers feel that their concerns don't get taken seriously when they are raised. Or, it may be something as simple as providing flexible working hours that allow parents to pick their children up from school. 

All of these factors could cause stress and distractions, hindering your team's performance. It's important to note that these influences on productivity have nothing to do with how comfortable your break-out area is or how trendy your office is – although this is always open to review. 

We'll help you discover the fundamental elements that will have a long term effect on the overall satisfaction employees experience at work. Because, happy employees are collaborative, proactive, and productive team players – and that should be the heart of your company's culture-building objectives. 

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To achieve this, we will create a centralised reward platform that is tailored for the needs your staff have expressed. Sodexo Engage will support your organisation in the endeavour to proactively recognise the valuable contributions employees make to the business as well as help to reinforce positive habits. 

By improving visibility and communication throughout your company, our platform empowers you with the tools to ensure that no one feels overlooked or unappreciated. 

We understand that timing is everything, and when you're trying to improve productivity; your employees will expect the same responsiveness you demand of them when it comes to access to information and company benefits. 

Our platform makes it easy for staff to track their progress, keep up to date with company news and follow the success of other colleagues. This helps to create a more inspired and connected environment, regardless of the size and scope of your organisation. 

Find out how we can help you

We understand that getting down to the nitty-gritty of what it takes to transform a company culture can feel overwhelming. There's so much to consider: choosing the right platform for your business, cost, implementation, training, and getting buy-in from every department. 

As industry leaders in reward and recognition schemes, we are equipped with the information and insight to help you make the right decision.

Call us now on 01908 303 456 for a no-obligation conversation to learn more about our reward and recognition programs. We're happy to show you how you can improve productivity, boost company morale and achieve your long term goals by partnering with us.

Get in touch today to discuss your goals for your company’s culture. 

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