Top Tips for Celebrating Milestones with Your Remote Workers

Milestone celebrations play such a big part in our lives.  As human beings, we have a long history of marking special occasions with some sort of affair. 

All over the world, in every culture and for all kinds of different reasons we celebrate stuff together - birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, births or weddings. Whatever the reason, people enjoy coming together to celebrate and recognise lifes special moments.

Celebrations are universal and cultivate a sense of community, they give well-being a boost and create lasting fond memories to look back on.  It’s safe to say, the majority of us love to celebrate our personal milestones in some way or another.  It’s only natural that we celebrate them in the workplace too, but we must take special care to include remote workers. 

So great, we love a celebration, but we’ve all faced that age-old struggle when the time comes to organise someones special celebration… yep it’s time to find the “perfect gift” and plan the perfect celebration - What to get? What to do? What to say?  

This can all be a bit stressful, trying to get it right is hard enough when your organising something for your nearest and dearests, so finding the right gift and celebrating in the best way with your remote employees has its own unique challenges.

To help overcome some of these challenges we’ve shared a few simple tips on how to successfully celebrate milestones with your remote employees.  Take a few minutes, have a quick read and make sure your future milestone celebrations are remembered for all the right reasons!

know your audience and keep it personal

It may seem obvious, you’ve got to make it personal, it’s an individual milestone. The only way to do this, is by knowing your remote employees, just like any others. This will give you the insight needed to create the kind of celebration they’d like, after-all it’s their milestone! 

Different cultures, lifestyles, social situations and many other things shape the way we can and like to celebrate. It’s important that you recognise this in your approach to milestone celebrations. 

Organising a big social bash for the introverts out there, or quietly honouring those who lavish in applause with a quiet understated little ceremony isn’t ideal, and won’t be well received, possibly even resented.

The point is, we don’t all like or celebrate the same things in the same ways. It’s important to know who you’re catering for, so your milestone celebration is remembered for all the right reasons – It’s an individual celebration, you have to know their story – the better the input, the better the output.

being remote, brings the gift of choice !

Recognising the wishes of employees is the key to success when celebrating milestones. Sounds silly, but try and avoid giving the wrong gift. It’s so easily done and one size doesn’t fit all - "The shoe that fits one person, pinches another" (Carl Young).

Give remote workers a flexible reward, one they can put to good use, in their own time. Don’t risk getting it wrong and take the stress out of finding the ‘Perfect Gift’ with eVouchers, gift cards or digital rewards.  

Great, but that doesn’t sound very personal” you might say. But what could be more personal to an employee than choosing exactly what they’d like to get, to celebrate THEIR milestone. And you simply can’t get it wrong with this kind of reward.  

There’s a huge number of retailers and outlets to choose from, vouchers can be used in-store or online, which makes them super flexible and the perfect fit for any occasion. Vouchers, giftcards and digital rewards provide instant gratification with long lasting effects. Your remote employees will be reminded of their recognition again when they make their purchase, and again when they’re enjoying the benefits of it.

You don’t have to stop there, you can still send something tangible, a greeting card, presentation pack or a gift basket (even some company swag for them to wear around the house). The list is endless just make sure you add a personal touch so you build that long-lasting connection with them.  

Whatever you give, give some thought to your remote employee and their achievements and make sure you express your own personal appreciation too - the investment put into this will last a long way into the future if done well and with sincerity.

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Socialising and celebrating success regularly as a team builds trust, understanding and a more rewarding and supportive culture. It also provides great insight into personal likes and dislikes which can help when it comes to organising employee milestone celebrations.

Regular team catch-ups and meetings that include remote workers should be the norm, but all work and no play won’t teach us how to celebrate together. Social time and celebrating helps form richer bonds and understanding. It helps us get in touch with the personality and know the person behind the ‘remote worker’ badge.

Invite the team to get involved, suggest ideas or even share the load when organising a milestone celebration. Set up some social channels so you can include remote workers and the whole team can check in, share good (and bad) news stories, interests and learn to celebrate the little things regularly. 

If you’re interacting socially and celebrating success regularly with your remote workers they will feel less isolated, better connected with the team as a whole and more inclined to participate when there’s bigger things to celebrate.


Planning a celebration for your remote workers takes some special care, attention and creativity, so give yourself plenty of time to get it right - Your future self will be glad you did, and so will your remote workforce!

Planning ahead should go without saying, but we all lead busy lives and it can be pretty easy to leave milestone celebrations to the last minute. Get milestone dates, and details for your remote workers in your diary and on your radar, well in advance! 

Rushing around and throwing something together last minute is unlikely to produce a milestone celebration that is personal, sincere and thoughtful. Getting milestone details wrong because of poor planning is just a no no. 

Get it badly wrong and you could even offend your remote worker causing them to lose trust and disengage.

OK, that’s the extreme, but it can happen. Planning your milestone celebrations well improves your chances of creating something truly individual, memorable and sincere. Which is the whole point of this type of recognition isn’t it!? 

If you follow these simple steps, you will celebrate milestones with your remote workers with true success.  They will be remembered and talked about for years to come for all the right reasons!

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