Employee happiness is a vital part of any company and that means it is important to keep people motivated, offer support and maintain a spirited morale. Often it can be the little things that make a big difference in an employee’s daily routine. Whether that's allowing them to have a break out space, encouraging time away from their computer, or even suggesting listening to music to boost their productivity. The question is, what should you be advising your employees to be listening to so that they can feel as productive as possible?



We surveyed UK employees to find out which music genres they listen to for productivity. The bar chart below reveals the top 10 music genres for productivity overall.


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Pop music was the clear favourite genre with nearly 60% of professionals agreeing that they felt pop songs increased their productivity at work whilst undergoing various tasks. Rock music came in second, closely followed by dance - it seems that generally, quite powerful types of music are favoured. 



From reading to researching, the type of music we listen to can change depending on the task we are undergoing. Find out the top 5 preferred genres for each task below.


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As a general rule of thumb, pop music is the most popular across the board, however, respondents also revealed their preference of music by task. It is widely believed that classical music provides a soothing sound in the background whilst working, and it is no surprise that it features in the reading and writing categories above. These types of tasks require more concentration than others and fit well with the instrumental tones of classical music.

We also see R&B creep into the task breakdown, known for its smooth vocal arrangements and rhythmic vibe, this can be a great genre to help you chill out and destress, in turn helping with productivity.



Now you know which genre is top, what about the top recommended artist? The chart below reveals the most recommended musicians to plug into whilst trying to be productive.

Sodexo - Sounds of Productivity - Sect 3 - V2@2x-crop

It's clear that a mixture of music works wonders for productivity and that people have their favourite artists to help with this. The mix is diverse and compiles a range of genres in the top 10. Queen topped the charts overall and their upbeat hit ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ was mentioned as a tune to get productive, along with Ed Sheeran’s ‘Thinking Out Loud’, and Mozart’s ‘Figaro’s Wedding’.



When it comes to music choice in the office, some can be more passionate than others. Below reveals the professions most likely to argue about which music to play whilst at work.

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When we have the opportunity to be in the office, disagreements can often be caused by the little things, from pen tapping to leaving unwashed mugs in the sink and the same can be said for the music choice.

Engineers top the charts when it comes to having the most passion for their tunes of choice, which may be down to the high-pressure environment they work in. It seems that they are in need of some upbeat motivational music, with 59% of Engineers saying pop music helps them feel more productive.



There has been a change in direction for many employers, now opting for more flexible working practices with many more people working from home. But does music impact their day when doing so? Find out below.

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Listening to music whilst working most certainly has its benefits, it can boost morale, help combat loneliness and aid productivity in employees. Sodexo Engage has created its very own “Productivity Playlist” for you to share with your employees or even delve into yourself. The songs are based on the survey data and include top hits from the mentioned artists and tracks from the most popular genres.

You can also find more information about our leading employee benefits platform here.

Survey data was conducted by Censuswide on behalf of Sodexo. 2000 respondents were surveyed between 30.11.2020 - 4.12.2020. Censuswide abides by and employs members of the Market Research Society which are based on the ESOMAR principles.