The UK's first Brand Loyalty Index

Samsung, Apple and Marmite triumph in the brand loyalty index. But who else made the top 50?

We’re thrilled to launch the UK’s first Brand Loyalty Index, looking at how loyal people really are towards brands and why – with some surprising results! The research, conducted by Atomik, surveyed 7,000 consumers on hundreds of household name brands and identified the 5 most popular industries (and boy do they know how to drive consumer loyalty):

  1. Technology
  2. Household and personal care
  3. Food
  4. Drink
  5. Supermarkets


It’s the question most brands would love to answer, and get bottled: how do you get customers to be loyal? Are customers fickle when it comes to shopping, jumping from brand to brand to get the best price? Or do they stick with a name through thick and thin (making them the true maestros of driving consumer loyalty)?

That’s where the Brand Loyalty Index 2017 comes in!

Check out the top 10 brands that consumers are most loyal to - any surprises?



1 Samsung
2 Apple
3 Marmite
4 Dyson
5 Heinz
6 Sky TV
7 Oral B
8 Gillette
9 Kellogg's
10 Netflix

We’re clearly a nation of tech lovers as Samsung is the brand that attracts the most loyalty, with Apple in second place. In fact, technology dominated, with many brands making the top 20 – no mean feat when coming up against some of the nation’s favourite food products.

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Marmite rocked up into third place, perhaps proving that ‘love it or hate it’ strapline it has become synonymous with, while Kellogg’s and Cadbury were the cupboard staples we would have been surprised not to see up there.

After technology and food, there was a new industry at seven, with Oral B heading the household and personal care list, swiftly followed by Gillette. Interestingly, the only other industry to make it the top 20 was drink, thanks to Nescafe’s presence at 13.

Chris Baldwin, Director of consumer Promotions and Loyalty, comments:

“The Brand Loyalty Index 2017 has offered new insight into how loyal consumers really are to the brands we come across every day. The range and choice of products now available is bigger than ever before, increasing the cost involved in attracting new customers, which is wasted if there is no focus on repeat purchasing. The Index proves that rewarding loyalty is being noticed by consumers and is an effective way to retain a customer base.

As well as being rewarded for loyalty, UK consumers also value brand heritage, quality of goods and consistency of quality.”

Loyalty drivers

The secret to loyalty is high quality, closely followed by good value for money. Although people ranked these as important factors, almost half admitted that they could be swayed through promotional offers and reward schemes.

Let’s put the UK’s most treasured household brands – Apple, Heinz and Dyson to the test! They already have a loyal following and smashed the Brand Loyalty Index, ranking in the top 5. However, more than two in five consumers in the UK would be willing to switch brands if they’re offered a prize or freebie. Ouch… we can be fickle!

It’s not all about reducing the price or offering promotions to keep customers coming back. Reward schemes are a fantastic way to incentivise consumers to stay with your brand – for the long term. Remember, it costs more to attract a new customer than it does to keep an existing one. It may be an old saying, but there’s a reason this quote has stuck around.

Lots of brands share the same struggles with consumer loyalty, but when it comes to a battle of the brands, those with the brightest lights will steal people’s attention!

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