Cycle to Work Scheme: The Wellbeing Benefits of Cycling For Your Staff

Employee wellbeing is the top of many employer's agenda right now

Here's how offering a Cycle To Work scheme could help... 

As the nation continues to ease out of lockdown, we’ve got plenty to look forward to including indoor dining at our favourite pubs and restaurants. But there are many employees and employers who are now looking at the return to work and what that might mean.

According to research by the CIPD, 44% of working adults are feeling anxious about going back to work due to the health risks of Covid-19, and 31% of workers were anxious about commuting.

Offering a Cycle To Work scheme can help! Your staff could swap public transport for cycling, while saving money and have physical and mental health benefits too. Here’s 3 benefits of cycling for your employees…


3 Benefits of Cycling For Your Staff:

Fitter and healthier employees:

We all know that riding a bike is a great way to get active, but do you know why? Cycling can help reduce our risk of serious illnesses like heart disease, type 2 diabetes and stroke. It can also help us build muscle, depending on how you cycle it can help your quads, glutes and calves as well as your upper body.

For many people, finding the time to exercise between work and life commitments can be difficult. Cycling to work allows us to maximise our commuting time by also using it as our exercise for the day too!

It supports our mental health:

As well as being great for our physical health, cycling can support us with our mental wellbeing too! Cycling makes our body release feel good hormones including serotonin, dopamine and endorphins which can help us manage our stress, anxiety and help us stay in control of our emotions.

In a world where we are balancing video calls and social media, tech can feel like it dominates our lives. Cycling can help us switch off from that, put our phones away, focus on the world around us and reflect on what’s happened. Plus, it gets us out into the fresh air too!

Saving money:

Like starting any hobby or new fitness regime, the costs can add up. But, with a Cycle to Work scheme your employees can find the bike of their dreams and save up to 42% in tax and NI contributions. Whether they are after a BMX, road bike or a mountain bike, they can get the bike they want while spreading the cost over 12 to 18 months. Plus, cycling to work, even just a couple of days a week can save money on commuting costs!

Offering a Cycle To Work scheme isn't just good for your staff, it can help you too, here are the top 5 benefits for an employer


How to get started:

Cycle To Work schemes are a great way to support your employees wellbeing while saving money – win win! If you’re interested in offering a cycle to work scheme for your employees, get in touch with our experts today. They can help guide you through the process and how it can benefit you and your employers.

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