In our many years spent bringing people and business together, we’ve had the privilege of working with some incredible clients who have consistently pushed us to get better at what we do. We’re really proud of what we’ve helped businesses to achieve – and the huge impacts we can have upon the lives of millions of people across the UK when we work together.

Our approach is a simple one – we put people first. Whatever our clients’ goals, we approach them from the perspective of increasing their employee wellbeing & performance.

Futures Housing Group

BUILDING ENGAGEMENT and encouraging the best behaviours

Futures Housing Group are one of the largest property management companies in the UK, providing over 9,000 affordable home
across Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, and Northamptonshire.

Futures Housing already had a benefits programme in place, but it was not being used to its fullest potential and their online portal received very little in the way of traffic from their staff. It was also the case that staff found navigating the site difficult – with some being unable to log in at all!

So whilst offering employee benefits is a huge tick, staff need to engage with them to be effective. Keeping staff engaged with their employers is key to retaining top talent and encouraging best behaviours in the workplace; this is where futures were having some problems... 

We caught up with Sallyann Gretton, HR Specialist at Futures, about their new Employee Benefits programme and how it was helping to build their engagement. Click on the image below to download the case study.


Futures Housing Group Case Study - Click here