Save on the cost of the commute, promote a healthy lifestyle, and reduce your company’s carbon footprint - all with our superb cycle to work scheme!

Your employees can find the bike of their dreams and save up to 42% in tax and NI contributions.

Whether it’s a mountain bike, BMX, fixie, electric cycle, or one of those natty bikes with a basket on the front, your employees will get the wheels they really want; all at an affordable cost spread over 12 to 18 months.

And the best part? As an employer, you’ll save up to 15.05% on National Insurance payments thanks to the salary sacrifice arrangement. Now that’s a wheelie-good deal all round…


Cycle to work schemes are a popular and widely used benefit across the UK. That’s why we provide a full end-to-end service; making sure your employees can keep their bikes (if they want!) for a fair price, and that everything runs as smoothly as a downhill ride on a freshly surfaced road.

Huge Range of Bikes and Retailers

Cycle2Work with Sodexo, in partnership with Halfords, is supported by a wide range of specialist bike dealers, catering to everyone regardless of their needs, budget, location or journey to work! This includes: Halfords, Tredz and a wide range of independent bike shops across the UK.


N.I. Savings

On top of the great financial savings your employees will be making, you'll also see savings of up to 15.05% on your National Insurance contributions for the people who use the scheme. Cycle-to-work is one of the few salary sacrifice benefits that still offers these lucrative NI savings.


Supporting Positive Wellbeing

Our bike schemes are a brilliantly simple way to help your employees get active and encourage them to ditch the car. Cycling is one of the best forms of exercise there is, not least because it slots nicely into a commute – it works every muscle group, and cuts serious health risks by over 40%.


Retain Your Talent

A cycle to work scheme isn’t just a high-value benefit your employees will find both useful and engaging; it’s also supports a healthier and happier workforce who are motivated to stay and be with you for the long-term.



The cost of commuting can take up over 10% of your employees’ salaries. Our cycle to work scheme helps give them the support they need to get to work, save money and lead healthy lifestyles. But that’s not all…

Go Green
Go Green
Switching to pedal power isn’t just great for health and finances; it’s also great for the planet, too – helping reduce your organisation’s carbon footprint.
Fully Managed
Fully Managed
We manage every aspect, giving you an administration portal that keeps your workload to an absolute minimum.
Beautifully Simple
Beautifully Simple
You can access any aspect of the scheme via a simple online portal; whether you’re at your desk or on the move via your mobile.
We'll also help you with developing a communication strategy to get people signing up. The legwork (or is it pedalwork?) is all on us.

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