Earn unlimited cashback of up to 15% on everyday purchases

Our Employee Cashback Card is one of the easiest and popular ways to help support your employees stretch their salaries further.

Your staff will be able to use their card all over the world to pay in-store and online, wherever Visa prepaid is accepted. Plus, employees claim cashback across our fantastic retailer network as they spend.

Need to top up the balance? No problem! You can top-up the card and check your balance on the move via our dedicated mobile app – it really does provide as much freedom as you can possibly give. 

With our Employee Cashback Cards, you can earn whilst you spend on your everyday essentials.


Up to 15% Cashback on Everyday Purchases

Our Employee Cashback Card offers up to 15% cashback across our retailers, with most users earning an average of £500 per year! Cashback can add up quickly with savvy shoppers, meaning employees can spend and save at the same time.

Instant Top-Ups

Unlike some other prepaid cards, you can top-up your card wherever and whenever you like! You can add a balance top up direct from salary and from the cashback earned. Top-up anytime online or via the dedicated app or set up regular monthly amounts – simple!

Dedicated Mobile App

Our Spree App not only allows you to track your balance and top-up your card; it also highlights exclusive offers and deals by retailers. Available on both Android and iOS, you can rest assured you’ll never miss a great deal!

Your Reward, Your Card 

It all comes back to you and the connection you're building with your people. We can create bespoke designs for your cards that put your brand front and centre every time people use it.


We’re on hand to support you in any way you need, with dedicated account managers for you and a customer service line for your cardholders.
We’ll also work with you on an engagement strategy that gets the word out about your awesome new cards, making sure your people are getting the most out of them.
Our Prepaid Cashback Card Offers Complete Flexibility
Use in-store through chip &pin, contactless or online. Plus with Apple Pay and Google Pay, our cards offer unrivalled flexibility.
Our Spree Prepaid Cashback Card Can Be Immediately Accessed with No Credit Checks
No credit checks are required with our card as it’s your employees’ own money!
Offering Cashback On Everyday items Is A Proven Way To Build Staff Engagement
Offer a benefit that gets your employees talking and makes the most of their personal spend.
Helping to Cut the Cost of Living Is Brilliant for Retaining Employees for Longer
Cashback on everyday spend gives your employees an extra reason to stay with you.