While worries about money are clearly rising among UK employees and households are feeling the financial pinch more than ever, employers are generally underestimating the degree to which financial worries are affecting their staff.

Money woes are a leading cause of stress and anxiety, which can in turn can lead to poor physical health too – so helping your employees with their financial wellbeing as well as their physical and mental health, means you can take a truly holistic approach to their wellbeing, covering every angle.

Our financial wellbeing benefits don’t just cover money problems with a bandage – we go deeper, helping your employees to take important steps that will enable them to financially secure their future. They can go from struggling to flexible pay options and saving in just a few easy steps.

Everything’s backed up by a whole range of useful tools, too – we make it really easy to integrate financial wellbeing benefits with your existing payroll, provide you with uptake and engagement insights, and give your employees the tools and coaching so they can work towards a better relationship with money.



Give your employees the flexibility to access, track, save and better manage their earned wages though an easy-to-use app.

Employees can access wage withdrawals ahead of payday, track their earnings as they work, build up savings direct from their pay, chat with qualified financial coaches, check their financial health score and more.



Loans can be a tricky business – high street lenders will be off-limits to employees with bad credit, while payday lenders are no solution to anyone's problems, and can lead to seriously damaging cycles of debt. Helping your employees to access a loan, which is paid back through their salary, will mean you can offer loans to a greater range of employees than the highstreet. It could be exactly what your employees need to get the back on the road to being financially secure.


Employees who are in debt or are on the lookout for loans are often not always in the habit of saving. Our suppliers have a number of solutions to encourage good saving behavior, turning debtors into savers by encouraging them to either save alongside their loan, or continue with payments once it’s paid off so they can build up a nice little nest egg. It’s all about making sure that, when the unexpected happens, they’re not back at square one.


Debt is a cycle – one often just leads to another. When debt is at its most dangerous, people are in serious risk of being buried by multiple creditors chasing them for payments. Debt consolidation helps people combine their debts into one manageable payment, often with substantially less interest, minimising money worries, making everything easier to cope with, and helping people pay off debts quicker.


We provide a range of resources and advice that help people manage their finances better - not just while they're in debt, but also by taking preventative measures for the future. For example, our budgeting tools link to employees’ accounts so they can see how their spending is going, or make it easy to keep putting the same amount into their account each month after debts have been paid off, turning them into savers.

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