The flexible incentive programme you've always wanted


Our Incentive Prepaid cards are, without a doubt, one of the easiest and effective ways to incentivise and reward your people time and again.

Our Visa prepaid cards are accepted worldwide. Your happily rewarded staff will be able to use their card online and in-store (with contactless, to boot) with the option of cashback and card top ups – it really does provide as much freedom as you can possibly give.

The All-in-One Card

Our Prepaid Visa card is the all-in-one solution to your company’s incentive and reward programme. Perfect for bonuses, referrals, incentive rewards or something unique to your business - we work closely with you to ensure your people are getting the most out of them.


Front of Mind

Our Incentive Prepaid card keeps your organisation front of mind with your employees. We can create bespoke designs for your cards that put your brand front and centre every time people pay for goods and services.


Easy Reloads

Cards can be used and loaded with funds to support one-time spends or an ongoing incentive rewards programme. And, with an accompanying app, you can spend from the comfort of your home, or top-up on the go whilst hitting the high street.


Universally Accepted

Our Incentive Prepaid card works in exactly the same way as a normal Visa debit card – meaning you’re free to spend funds virtually anywhere you please, both for in-store and online purchases.




We don’t just hand over a stack of cards and leave you to it! We’re on hand to support you in any way you need, with dedicated account managers for you and a customer service line for your cardholders.

Fully Customisable

Fully Customisable

Card designs can carry your brand or unique design to maximise engagement with your employees.


Unlimited Usage

Unlimited Usage

Our Incentive Prepaid cards can be used again and again, minimising costs and enabling you to manage your incentive programme effectively.


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Effective Reporting

We can help you review and assess usage of the incentive programme, ensuring your business gets the best engagement from your programme.


No Hidden Costs

No Hidden Costs

A prepaid card is much easier, and safer, to manage than traditional cash incentives. Plus there are no hidden costs for you or your employees.