It’s pretty simple really: We always aim to be the company that genuinely cares. Everything we do is about improving the quality of life for everyone. It may seem like a tall order; but we truly believe that it’s possible if you truly care about what you’re doing.

Our core values are what inspires us, drives us forward and underpin everything we do.


Meeting goals at any cost?
Nope, not us…

Everything we do has people firmly at heart. While return on investment is always a big consideration (we’re a business, after all!), we look at everything from the point of view of what it does for the people on the ground, and how will it improve their quality of life?

We always want to invest in people, to make people feel valued and inspired. We want to communicate with people in an open and honest way so we can truly understand and enrich their lives. 


Sometimes, we think employee engagement agencies can lose sight of what’s important.

For some, it’s all about what makes them look best, even if it’s not the right fit for their client. Sure, there’ll be cheaper competitors on the market; but one-size solutions definitely do not fit all.

Everything we do is completely collaborative and consultative. We want to work with people right from the very beginning, getting to really know them – their goals, their needs, and the challenges they face – to find the very best solutions for their unique

It’s not about us. It’s about you.


We want to help you give your people more – and that means we give you more.

When you come to us, you don’t just get a product in a box or an off-the-shelf platform. You get a tailor-made experience that makes a real difference to people.

Everything we do is carefully considered for maximum impact, so it goes beyond a simple reward, or prize, or benefit, or campaign. It becomes an experience that connects businesses and people in ways that are personal, impactful, and inspirational.


We started out as a small employee engagement agency and my, how we’ve grown.

But we’ve always done everything we can to stay true to that personal, hands-on approach. Our small agency structure here in the UK means we can still work closely with our clients – we’re easy to reach, we’re flexible, and we’re friendly.

It genuinely is the best of both worlds – that small agency structure is backed up by the full range of global resources that come with being part of the Sodexo Group. When it comes to providing award-winning benefits programmes or building long- lasting and meaningful employee engagement, we simply can’t be beaten.


Ah, now this takes us back…

We’ve been helping businesses form meaningful and long-lasting connections with their employees for decades. Since the 60’s, in fact!

Since our humble agency beginnings, we’ve seen 16 general elections, endured Man Utd winning the league 15 times, heard over 1,000 number one singles, watched every episode of Doctor Who and, probably most important of all, reached over 30 million employees across the UK alone.

Our employee benefit offerings have grown a great deal over the years, seeing us become a leading provider of employee engagement solutions in the UK and across the world.