Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services becomes Pluxee!

Pluxee is the leading global employee benefits and engagement partner that opens up a world of opportunities for everyone. A new brand with big ambitions for the future, we’re committed to working with local communities, responsibly and sustainably.

We deliver 250+ cutting-edge products across 31 countries and work with 1.7 million merchants to make sure your employees get to enjoy more of what they most value.

The story’s in the name

  • “Plux” stands for positivity and states what we’re all about: opportunities to give you more.
  • The “x” symbolises how we present the world of opportunities through the personalised and sustainable experiences we offer our clients, merchants, consumers and employees.
  • The double “ee” represents our business, “employee engagement”.

Why a new Brand?

Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services activity, a leading global employee benefits and engagement partner, is adopting a new brand, Pluxee.




36 million lives we work to enrich globally

Pluxee is an experience-led brand redefining the employee benefits & engagement category. A place where consumers, merchants and clients get more of what really matters.

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Have questions about the Pluxee effect? Our FAQ’s are here for you.