The number of SMEs in the UK has risen sharply over the past twenty years. In 2000, there were 3.5 million SMEs in the UK, by 2021 this number had jumped to 5.6 million, an increase of 61%.

In this paper, we explore the challenges business leaders face, the growing importance of benefits and a reward and recognition strategy in motivating employees and crucially – what employees really think of their organisation:

  • Why employees choose SMEs
  • Competing with large organisations
  • Engagement and motivation
  • The value of employee benefits



The pandemic has given SME leaders a once-in-a-generation opportunity to dare to do things differently. Our research provides SMEs with an insight into the needs of their employees and what will offer them the best chance of creating happy, productive and loyal workforces so that they can thrive going forward. Download your copy to find out more.

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