Crown Commercial Services

Cost-effective Employee Benefit and Support scheme fulfilment for the public sector

What is the Crown Commercial Framework

What is the Crown Commercial Service framework?

The Crown Commercial Service framework is open to any public sector body in the UK, including, but not limited to:

  • Local Authority Councils & Establishments
  • Schools & Academies
  • Police & Emergency Services
  • NHS & HSC Bodies
  • Central Government Departments & Agencies
  • Registered Charities
  • Registered Social Landlords

Approved suppliers + maximum commercial value = stretching public sector budgets further

In 2019/20, CCS helped the public sector to achieve commercial benefits worth over £1bn - supporting world-class public services that offer the best value for taxpayers.


Pluxee UK & the Crown Commercial Service

Three frameworks, four cost-effective and impactful solutions!

We're proud to be an approved supplier sitting across three Crown Commercial Service frameworks: RM6248 Payment Solutions: (Lot 2) Pre-paid card and (Lot 3) Voucher Schemes, RM6273 Employee Benefits, and RM6322 Fund Administration & Disbursement Services DPS (FAADS).

As a trusted Crown Commercial Service framework supplier, we’ve undergone a rigorous application process to ensure our offering is secure and cost-effective.  

A trusted supplier across three frameworks

Whether you aim to stretch public sector salaries further or offer disbursement, hardship payments or free school meals, we manage our framework solutions to the highest standards, ensuring you receive the best possible service.

    CCS RM6248 (Lot 2) Pre-paid Cards

    With Pluxee UK as your partner, you can expect us to fully manage the implementation of your scheme.

    Our Pluxee Card is a versatile prepaid solution that fits seamlessly into your employee benefits and reward strategy and as a method for offering financial support to those in your care. Powered by Visa, you can use it to purchase goods wherever Visa prepaid is accepted.

    Rewards and support stretched further with cashback!
    We partner with over 80 retailers, offering up to 15% cashback on purchases made with our Pluxee Card – online and in-store.

    Your loaded funds + cashback earnings = money stretched further!

    The Pluxee Card for your people…
    With multiple uses, our Pluxee Card is a versatile solution that gives your people and business more.

    • Load ad-hoc or annual rewards onto the prepaid card.
    • Provide hardship funds.
    • Issue funds for utility bills and wider essentials.
    • Recipients can add money to their card, taking advantage of the cashback earning potential.
    • Our Pluxee Card is chip and pin, contactless, and Apple Pay and Google Pay compatible, so it’s easy for your recipients to use.

    With the ability to restrict the available retailers, you can ensure the funds you’re issuing as a means of support are spent in the way you intended. We’re delighted to share that a recent client who chose to limit their Pluxee Card for specific usage had a 97% success rate!

    Making doing business more joyful…
    The public sector is under significant pressure, and Pluxee UK is in your corner.
    Making it easier for you to focus on what matters by:

    • Providing you with full usage reporting.
    • Going green! Our Pluxee Cards are made from recycled PVC and are designed for multi-use, making them a green and efficient solution. We also offer a virtual-only solution.
    • Instant delivery! With digital details sent instantly, your employees can connect the Pluxee Card to their e-wallet for fast and easy payments.

    CCS RM6248 (Lot 3) Voucher Schemes

    Delivered via our Voucher Select platform, partnering with Pluxee UK under the Voucher Scheme (RM6248) framework, gives you access to a user-friendly, automated system.

    With a dedicated scheme and account manager by your side providing end-to-end scheme implementation, you’ll spend less time on admin and more on what really matters to your organisation.

    Pluxee eVouchers for your people…

    With over 100 high street and high-end retailers to choose from, our eVouchers are an inclusive reward and incentive solution.

    • Email rewards directly to your recipient for instant access.
    • Provide hardship payments and disbursements.
    • Fulfil your free school meal obligations.
    • Issue consumer rewards.
    • Incentivise and thank survey participants and much more!
    • Provide hardship funds.

    Our student cohort is made up of some of the most vulnerable people in society. The vouchers mean that these students don’t go hungry and engage with teaching and learning well.” Gary Lee, Acting Chief Financial Officer, Blackpool & The Fylde College.

    Making doing business more joyful…
    You can choose from two solutions – Self-fulfilled or Pluxee-fulfilled – each offering different user features.
    No matter which you choose, you’ll get access to our order management platform, through which you can:

    • Self-upload: Avoid the risk of data manipulation or errors.
    • Order eVouchers in five easy steps.
    • Set the reward and incentive limit you wish to deliver.
    • Allow recipients to select from over 100 retailers or limit their choices to a select few.
    • Manage multiple call-offs in one go.
    • Access comprehensive reports.

    With Pluxee UK as your partner, you can:

    • Negotiate discounts based on the size of your scheme with no minimum or maximum spend limits.
    • Expect full scheme management, including training, support, and programme advice.
    • Benefit from proactive sourcing of new offers to ensure optimal scheme engagement.

    CCS RM6273 Employee Benefits

    Pluxee UK has been providing award-winning employee benefits for over 60 years, hosting our wide and inclusive range on our all-in-one platform accessible online or via our app.

    Make life more joyful for your employees…

    Stretch your employees’ salaries further with everyday savings, make a healthier lifestyle more affordable with gym and fitness discounts… and more!

    • Online Employee Benefits Platform
    • Employee Discounts
    • Reward and recognition scheme, such as long service or recognition for a great achievement
    • Cycle to Work scheme
    • Green car scheme 
    • Financial wellbeing scheme
    • SmartPay

    Making doing business more joyful…

    Employee benefits boost engagement, reduce absenteeism, help retain valued employees and attract the best talent.
    With Pluxee UK, you’ll:

    • Have a trusted partner by your side.
    • Benefit from complete scheme and account management.
    • Receive marketing content to boost employee uptake.
    • Save money! Our Green Car and Cycle to Work schemes come with tax and NIC savings for employers and employees.
    • Reduce your carbon footprint by encouraging greener ways of commuting to work.

    Six reasons to partner with Pluxee UK today

    We have over 15 years of experience 1

    We have extensive experience providing schemes for public sector bodies managing programmes of all shapes and sizes, from one-time orders to more complex requirements.

    Public sector bodies

    All schemes are overseen by a Framework and Account Manager, ensuring you receive a smooth launch, effective programme management and platform training.

    Extensive experience public sector

    We have over 15 years of experience helping the public sector make a real difference in people's lives. Working with councils, we’ve provided free school meal vouchers to families in need, prepaid debit cards for living allowance payments, and helped central government departments incentivise consumers for survey completion.

    Our end to end scheme

    Public sector bodies benefit from preferential pricing under the three framework lots.

    We have over 15 years of experience 2

    Our end-to-end scheme implementation, fulfilment and management is simple, secure, and hassle-free!

    Public sector bodies 2

    As part of the Pluxee group, a global business, we're the UK's leading employee and consumer engagement experts.

    Get in touch to learn more about the schemes we provide under the crown commercial framework