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Stretch wages further to support, engage, and retain your people with an award-winning range of cost-effective employee benefits.

Everything in one place = increased benefits uptake + higher return on investment

Bringing Joy

Pluxee UK… bringing joy to every day!

You want to give your people more…

More support during the cost-of-living crisis, the ability to afford more of what really matters and more moments of joy.

A healthy, happy, and engaged workforce is more loyal and productive. Together, we can create a cost-effective and sustainable employee benefit offering tailored to your people's and business's unique needs, opening up a world of opportunities for everyone.

Boost employee retention rates, attract top talent, increase motivation, and reduce absenteeism – you can achieve all this and more with an attractive Employee Value Proposition, and Pluxee UK is the trusted partner to help you deliver it.

Everything your people need

Everything your people need, whenever they need it…

At Pluxee UK, we provide a fully managed employee benefits package, designed to help your people become physically, mentally, and financially healthier.

Our Employee Benefits and Discounts Platform is where your business-boosting offering starts. From there, you can add the following salary-stretching services and products:

Pluxee Discounts

Employee Discounts

Pluxee Prepaid Card

Pluxee Card

Smart Pay




Employee Assitance Programme

Employee Assitance Programme

Cycle to Work

Cycle to work

Green Cars

Green Cars

Gym and Fitness

Gym & Fitness

Online GP

Online GP

Money Management App

Financial Wellbeing App

Why choose Pluxee 1

Your offering, your way…

Our Employee Benefits and Discounts Platform seamlessly integrates with your current offering as well as bringing something new. Bespoke and uniquely you: we tailor our employee benefits packages to meet your needs.

Branded to match your corporate identity, your employees will know who to thank for supporting their mental, physical, and financial wellbeing.

Your offering

Why choose Pluxee UK for employee benefits?

Built to work seamlessly on iOS and Android devices, our Employee Benefits and Discounts Platform gives you and your people access to a huge range of industry-leading and award-winning employee benefits.

Why choose Pluxee 2

A trusted partner who’s always in your corner…

With Pluxee UK, you get a partner, not a provider.

With dedicated account management and marketing support, we’re here to help you make your employee benefit offering a success. Our transparent reporting functionality lets you track engagement, active users and conversion rates - keeping you in control.

Inclusive of your employees’ varied wants and needs, our multi-lingual Employee Benefits and Discounts Platform is easily accessible to all, ensuring your entire workforce has the same opportunities to thrive.

Step into a world of more and discover a cost-effective and sustainable way to grow your business and help your people thrive!

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