Employee Communication

Together, let’s get your employee benefits off to a flying start and enhance engagement and uptake, opening up a world of opportunities for your people and business.

Giving your people more of what matters

Giving your people more of what matters…

Bang the drum, make a splash, and ensure your employees know about what you have to offer them.

Our research found that only 11% of employees make full use of the benefits on offer to them, with lack of awareness being one of the leading causes.

Employee benefits are an investment that needs to be cost-effective and sustainable.

Getting you off to the best start

Getting you off to the best start

We get to know your business needs from the moment you make your first enquiry, so by the time we get those contracts signed, we have a clear picture of your desired outcomes.

We want to help you reach them!

Your dedicated account manager

When you meet your dedicated account manager, they’ll provide you with everything you need to get your new benefits programme off to the best start.

Excite your people with a range of marketing assets we’ll provide to you for your launch. You can even book a roadshow in-person or online – whatever meets the needs of your employees! During the roadshow, we will present your benefits and how easy it is for anyone for make the most of them.

We are here to help with it all

It’s essential to bring your offering to life… how will it stretch their salaries, improve their wellbeing and make life more joyful?

We’re here to help with it all!

Boosting Engagement Pluxee Discounts Platform 2

Boosting engagement

Effective communication is essential, especially if your business spans multiple locations or your workers are predominantly remote.

Dedicated account manager + personalised communication strategy = higher uptake in your offering.

With our Pluxee Employee Benefits, we encourage your employees to sign up through customised content,  fun competitions, challenges, and giveaways.

We have discounts on everyday essentials

It’s not about spending more. It’s about spending wisely.

With our Discounts platform and Cashback earning prepaid card, we provide access to everyday essentials and high-end purchases with the brands and retailers your employees know and love – including their favourite supermarkets.

Many of us need a nudge in the right direction, even if the result is saving money. Our Pluxee UK marketing team is committed to getting as many of your people onto the platform as possible.

Change behaviours + encourage positive habits = better financial health.


    Unleashing the potential…

    Ensuring your employees make use of their benefits

    We have an in-house marketing team committed to one thing – ensuring your employees make use of their benefits helping your offering to remain sustainable.

    There’s no one fixed approach... for example, when you roll out our Pluxee Discounts Platform to your employees, they can opt into receiving marketing emails.

    More opt-ins = more opportunities to make the most of the best deals and savings! 

    Why opt-ins matter:

    • Our retailer partners regularly create specific product deals and increase their discount offerings for a limited time.

    Black Friday, Bank Holiday Bonanza’s… whatever the occasion, we want to let your employees know about it.

    Our partner retailers have much to offer your people, so ensure they take advantage of every opportunity to maximise their savings.

    Keeping the focus on your brand…

    Increase employee engagement motivation loyalty

    And for the rest of our offering…

    When contacting your employees directly isn’t an option, we ensure you have the information they need. Each month, we’ll deliver everything you need to your inbox so you can keep your offering on your employees’ minds and increase the engagement in your programme..

    When we personalise marketing materials and information with your company logo and URL, your employees always remember you are looking after them.

    This is a fantastic way to increase employee engagement, motivation, and loyalty, helping you retain your talent.

    Campaigns at the click of a button (coming soon)

    Campaigns at the Click of a Button

    Our marketing team works hand-in-hand with our account managers to create our Comms Centre.
    What to expect from the Pluxee Comms Centre:

    • Marketing material for every product.
    • The ability to personalise our literature to your brand, then download and share it with your employees.
    • A self-service platform that gives you what you need when you need it.

    An enhancement to the support you’ll receive from your account manager, the Pluxee Comms Centre gives you instant access to the marketing materials you need to power your internal campaigns.

    Transparency and trust

    Transparency and trust…

    Your account manager will share regular reports showing how much your employees engage with the benefits you’re providing them.

    This information will help you measure against your own KPIs and understand which benefits your employees value most.
    If a problem arises, we’re in your corner with an award winning Customer Care team who will be on hand to hear any queries and questions you or your employees might have.

    You’re too busy to take calls about lost Pluxee Cards… so we’ll handle them for you. 

    Make business more joyful

    The Pluxee Effect

    If you haven’t heard yet, the story is in the name…

    ‘Plux’ means ‘more’ in French – home to our global HQ – and that’s precisely what we embed into our offering: more.

    More of what really matters to your people and more of what your business needs – a trusted partner committed to making your employee benefits offering a success.

    Pluxee UK… relentless in our mission to make business more joyful!

    Get in touch today and see how we can help empower your employees!