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Our mission is to make your employee experience the best it can possibly be, and we provide products and solutions to make it happen.

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More support during the cost-of-living crisis, the ability to afford more of what really matters and more moments of joy.

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Black man on a bike

Employee Wellbeing

Getting you and your employees ready for Bike Week

Bike Week, an annual celebration of cycling runs from the 10th to the 16th of June. We have some exciting internal initiatives planned for our colleagues and clients and will be doing our bit to champion cycling here at Pluxee UK. Cycling can enhance physical, mental, and financial wellbeing and save your business money. During this blog, we’ll explore how you can get your people and business Bike Week-ready.

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Group of women in a dance studio

Mental Wellbeing

Our mind and body are connected. What impacts one is often felt by the other. Movement helps work stress through our bodies, giving us an outlet and improving employee mental health. This year's Mental Health Awareness Week campaign encourages us to move more for our mental health. Read on to discover tips on harnessing the power of employee wellbeing by encouraging employees to find moments for movement throughout their day.

dad sitting in the grass with his child

Employee Wellbeing

Following on from last week’s Maternal Mental Health Campaign, we’re keeping the focus on working parents. We say working parents, but there will be a specific focus on working mums for reasons we’ll delve into during this blog. Work-life balance isn’t just about time; it’s about having the energy – physical and mental – and finances to get the most from life. Read on to discover more.

Old and young black women hugging and smiling

Reward & Recognition

Last week, the world celebrated Global Intergenerational Week, a campaign that encourages us to view the relationships between older and younger people as essential. There’s much to learn from each generation, especially in the workplace, with the older generations acknowledging that the younger generations have just as much to offer them, seeing a rise in reverse mentoring. While connection and relationships are essential, employers must also recognise the differences between generational needs, ensuring their employee rewards and recognition strategy is inclusive.