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Our mission is to make your employee experience the best it can possibly be, and we provide products and solutions to make it happen.

Whether you want to boost employee physical wellbeing, provide essential financial support or protect and improve your employees' mental health - Pluxee UK is the partner that gives you more.

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More support during the cost-of-living crisis, the ability to afford more of what really matters and more moments of joy.

A healthy, happy, and engaged workforce is more loyal and productive. Together, we can create a cost-effective and sustainable employee benefit offering tailored to your people's and business's unique needs, opening up a world of opportunities for everyone.

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Man and woman riding on a bike

Physical Wellbeing

The Journey Beyond Bike Week… Employee Wellbeing Ideas that Save Money and Reduce Stress

The Bike Week campaign was clear. Cycling helps to save the environment and money while also reducing stress. These three themes are high on our agenda and those of many other UK businesses, so we’re continuing with this messaging beyond Bike Week. During this blog, we’ll present employee wellbeing ideas and physical wellbeing solutions that save money and reduce stress. Read on to discover how to harness the power of your workplace wellbeing strategy.

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men doing stretches

Employee Wellbeing

It’s Men’s Health Week. Join us in having the conversations that matter – even the hard ones. Please be aware that this blog will refer to topics discussed during our Men’s Health Podcast, including male suicide, and may be upsetting for some to read. We’re having these difficult conversations because they matter. Being open and honest is one of the most effective ways to break down the barriers and stigma that prevent many men from seeking the support they need. Read on and join us in making a difference during Men’s Health Week and beyond.

Group of happy employees clapping

Financial Wellbeing

HR professionals have many demands on their time, including striving to support their people and enhance employee engagement with an ever-scrutinised budget. There are reward and recognition strategies to consider alongside employee benefits - giving employees the support and incentives they need to enhance their wellbeing whilst improving loyalty and retention. With cost-effectiveness and sustainability being the key to the long-term success of your strategy, wouldn’t it be great if there was one solution that did it all? Wouldn’t it be even better if that solution reduced carbon emissions and contributed towards your NET Zero targets? You’re right. It would! It’s time to meet our Virtual Pluxee Card. Read on to discover how it ticks all these boxes and more.

black man in blue shirt smiling during a conversation with a black woman.

Mental Wellbeing

It’s National Conversation Week, and at Pluxee UK, we want to champion the cause, empowering employees to talk about anything and everything! From their passions to their concerns, the topics they’re experts in, to those they wish to learn more about - let’s get your employees having the conversations that matter. During this blog, we’ll explore how you can create a culture that allows for honest conversations in your business, revealing the employee benefit you need to ensure your people always have someone to speak with – an Employee Assistance Programme.