The smarter way to spread the cost of unexpected home and essential purchases through salary deductions.

Why Choose SmartPay

Why choose SmartPay

With SmartPay, you can provide a valuable benefit that supports your employees' financial wellbeing and helps them make essential purchases without causing financial stress.

Here's why SmartPay stands out:

  • Completely free* - No hidden costs
  • Widest range of retailers across tech and lifestyle salary deduction schemes on the market
  • Designed to cater to businesses of any size
  • Integrates seamlessly with your existing employee benefits portfolio
  • Easy-to-use admin portal that allows you to stay in control
  • Free events and marketing support, helping you promote and communicate the benefits of SmartPay to your employees


Access the best merchants network with SmartPay including

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    SmartPay for your people

    SmartPay for your people

    SmartPay for people

    We can’t always expect the unexpected or budget for big expenses.  

    When your employees can’t pay in one go, SmartPay offers an affordable alternative, whether they need a new washing machine, want to treat themselves to the latest fitness wearable, or ease the upfront spend on the kid’s Christmas presents…

    SmartPay helps your employees avoid high-interest loans or credit cards by spreading the up-front cost of technology, appliances, wellbeing, and lifestyle purchases through affordable and manageable salary deductions.

    Empower employees to make purchases with peace of mind and manage their finances better with SmartPay. 

    SmartPay for your business

    SmartPay for your business

    SmartPay for business

    Financial wellbeing should be at the top of your HR wellbeing strategy, and SmartPay will help you to:

    Relieve the financial pressure and give your employees peace of mind when making big purchases.

    Help your employees avoid the burden of high-interest loans or credit cards for items they want and need.

    Enhance your Employee Value Proposition by prioritising the financial wellbeing of your employees and their families and strengthening your ability to attract top talent and retain your current workforce.

    Help to create a happier, healthier workforce – SmartPay is the low-effort, high-impact employee benefit! 

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    * Terms and conditions apply, please speak to a member of the team to take advantage of this feature.