Salary Sacrifice Schemes

Salary Sacrifice and Salary Deduct… two ways to spread the cost of lifestyle-improving and money-saving essentials.

What’s the difference

Salary Sacrifice Vs. Salary Deduct… what’s the difference?

It can get confusing, and the terms are often interchanged, so here’s a simple way to set them apart.

Salary sacrifice = any benefit paid from your salary at a gross level (before tax and NIC calculations).

Salary deduct = any benefit paid from your salary at a net level (after tax and NIC calculations). 

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What does it mean for your people?

With salary sacrifice, the repayment is paid at a gross level. This reduces your employees' monthly gross salary, lowering their tax and NIC contributions.

Employees' monthly salary reduces while they make their repayments, but so do their tax and National Insurance Contributions.

Repayments on a salary deduct scheme are calculated at the net level – after tax and NIC. Your employees can make higher-cost purchases more affordable by spreading the cost but make no further tax savings. 

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And for your business…?

Our Cycle to Work and Green Car schemes are backed by the UK government, so your business can also enjoy the tax and NIC savings these salary sacrifice schemes bring.

More money back in your budget!

Salary deduct schemes don’t provide employers with financial savings, but they support your employees’ financial, physical, and mental wellbeing.

Empowering employees to afford more of what matters = a loyal, engaged, and motivated workforce! 

    Green Cars

    Green Cars

    A brand-new Green Car of your employees’ choice, purchased via a salary sacrifice arrangement!

    We have over 18,000 Green Cars for your people to choose from – the biggest in the business!  Everything’s taken care of, including annual servicing and maintenance, insurance, road tax, roadside assistance - even replacement tyres!

    An opportunity for everyone to save on the latest ultra-low emission and electric cars to powerful coupes, family-friendly SUVs and practical hatchbacks. 

    Cycle to Work

    Cycle to Work

    With our Cycle to Work scheme, your employees receive UNLIMITED lifetime safety checks on all cycles obtained through the scheme, a Lifetime Guarantee on selected bikes, an optional 14-day free insurance on all bikes, and an additional unlimited 10% discount card on cycle essentials giving them even more ways to save!

    Why choose Pluxee UK?

    • We provide account management and marketing support to power your scheme’s success.
    • Our administration portal keeps your workload to an absolute minimum.
    • Pick the best scheme for your people and business, spreading the salary sacrifice arrangement over 12 or 18 months. 

    Annual Leave

    Annual Leave

    More time to experience more of what really matters.

    Promote a healthy work-life balance by allowing your people to take more time to explore what the world has to offer.

    How does it work?

    An employee purchases extra holiday allowance, you deduct the cost over their monthly salary throughout the year, saving you money on your wage bill! 

    Spread the cost with Salary Deduct

    Spread the cost SmartPay


    We can’t always expect the unexpected or budget for big expenses.  

    When your employees can’t pay in one go, SmartPay offers an affordable alternative, whether they need a new washing machine, want to treat themselves to the latest fitness wearable, or ease the upfront spend on the kid’s Christmas presents…

    SmartPay helps your employees avoid high-interest loans or credit cards by spreading the up-front cost of technology, appliances, wellbeing, and lifestyle purchases through affordable and manageable salary deductions.

    Empower employees to make purchases with peace of mind and manage their finances better with SmartPay.  

    Giving you more

    Giving you more the Pluxee way

    At Pluxee UK, we make it as easy as possible for you to give your people more.  

    More opportunities to save + more of the things they love = higher employee engagement.

    Making offering the most in-demand employee benefits more sustainable for you by:

    • Reducing the impact on your HR resources.
    • Giving you the freedom to choose your sign-up windows and some options to select retailers.
    • Providing a scheme calculator so your employees can see exactly how much a purchase will cost them.
    • Supporting scheme uptake and engagement with a bespoke communication plan and marketing support.
    • Setting you up with a client admin portal for invoice and application management and scheme reporting tools. 

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