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Our mission is to make your employee experience the best it can possibly be, and we provide products and solutions to make it happen.

Whether you want to boost employee physical wellbeing, provide essential financial support or protect and improve your employees' mental health - Pluxee UK is the partner that gives you more.

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More support during the cost-of-living crisis, the ability to afford more of what really matters and more moments of joy.

A healthy, happy, and engaged workforce is more loyal and productive. Together, we can create a cost-effective and sustainable employee benefit offering tailored to your people's and business's unique needs, opening up a world of opportunities for everyone.

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Financial Wellbeing

Creating a brighter tomorrow... financial wellbeing and mental wealth

Financial wellbeing and mental health are intrinsically linked. Employees with poor mental health are likely to be more heavily impacted by financial worries and less likely to make sound financial decisions. The risk is that both their financial situation and mental health can worsen. Read on to explore the employee benefits that can help alleviate financial pressures during the cost-of-living crisis, enhancing mental health or wealth.

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Employee Wellbeing

April is stress awareness month, and #LittleByLittle, we’re doing our bit to help businesses reduce workplace stress. While we’ll always say that stress can be a motivating force, prolonged periods of excessive stress levels can lead to severe problems. Read on to discover five ways to manage workplace stress, helping reduce absenteeism and increase employee engagement.

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

There’s much discuss about neurodiversity at work beyond the reasonable adjustments employers should make and employee rights. Let’s explore the people behind the label, what it means to grow up under the neurodiversity umbrella, and how to ensure your workplace is truly inclusive and supportive.

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Employee Wellbeing

Is an Annual Leave Purchase scheme the key to balancing budgets and life? More time off means extra opportunities to enjoy what really matters, and when employees purchase additional annual leave via your employee benefits offering, it reduces your wage bill. Let’s explore what an annual leave purchase scheme can do for your people and business.