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Woman holding a baby while working

Employee Engagement

Harness the power of balance... keeping employee engagement high over the summer

The summer holidays can be challenging for working parents, juggling childcare, activities and time off. With so much happening, keeping employee engagement high can be challenging. What of the non-parents in your workplace? Almost half of UK employees admit to being less productive during the summer months. Read on to discover why we’re less focused during summer and why balance is beneficial to keeping employee engagement high during summer.

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Employee Engagement

The UK is facing a labour and tech skills gap, impacting various sectors. Accommodation and food services, Human health and social work, and Manufacturing are most notably affected by labour shortages. In the UK cyber security skills sector, UK businesses have been struggling to recruit the skills they need – a trend that’s been consistent since 2022. When the right skills are hard to come by, retaining those you have is business critical. Read on to discover your employee retention checklist.

Women on building site

Mental Wellbeing

In 2023, the UK manufacturing industry's ranking for output volumes went from 9th to 8th place globally. Manufacturing accounts for 49% of UK exports and contributes £224 billion to the UK’s GVA (Gross Added Value). It’s a success story! Let's consider, though, that the manufacturing industry is the third sector most impacted by labour shortages. How does this affect the 2.6 million people working within the UK manufacturing sector? Let’s dig a little deeper and see, but please be aware that this blog covers mental health and references topics some readers may find upsetting.

Tom Nash and Burcin Ressamoglu

Employee Wellbeing

If you attended May’s EE Summit, you’ll have seen our CEO, Burcin Ressamoglu and HR Business Partner, Tom Nash lead their keynote session, Fueling Success: The Impact of Wellbeing on Employee Performance. During this blog, we’ll reflect on some of their key points and explore the evolution of employee wellbeing and how you can harness the power of a wellbeing strategy to fuel your success.