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The Pluxee Cashback Card... Reward, support, retain!

23 February 2023

What if there was a product on the market that stretches salaries further, provides household support for your employees through cashback earnings and acts as the mechanism for issuing cash rewards and bonuses? Well… there is! Read on to unleash the power of the Pluxee Cashback Card.

Exclusively powered by Visa, our cashback card allows you and your people to earn up to 15% cashback at over 80 participating retailers. Accepted for payments in the UK and abroad, and with an app compatible with iOS and Android, your people can check their balance and top up whenever and wherever they are.

Our cashback card is as versatile as a product can be! Use it as:


  • A cashback-earning employee benefit.

  • An employee reward.

  • An employee incentive.


Whether you use it for one purpose or all three, as a cashback card, your employer top-ups can stretch beyond the original amount gifted, making our Pluxee Card exceptional value for money.


With over 80 retailers on board, our Pluxee Card will earn your people cashback on their essential everyday shop and with their favourite luxury brands.


Looking for an eco-friendly employee benefit? Our cashback card is available as a virtual-only solution, and we make our physical cards from recycled PVC!


A cashback card that’s versatile & unique to you 

Since our cashback card is such a flexible solution, it shouldn’t be surprising that you can brand it with your company’s logo. Whether you use it as an employee benefit, as part of your employee reward strategy, or to incentivise sales and consumers, it’s your name people will see when they use it.


Our cashback card is an impactful way to stretch salaries further, which is particularly important during the cost-of-living crisis. There’s no better way to offer support and thank your people for their loyalty.


The beauty of our cashback card is that even if you incorporate it into your business for one reason, such as issuing employee rewards, you can go on to embed it as an employee benefit further down the line, adding a corporate load each month or on an ad hoc basis.


You can also gift our Pluxee Card to your employees, leaving them to add their own funds and top up as they go. Even if your business doesn’t add any money to the card, the cashback-earning potential makes your people’s wages go further. 


A cashback card that enhances financial resilience, no matter how you use it? That’s the Pluxee Card.


Financial Wellbeing Guide


A cashback card that gives households more

7.8 million Brits are struggling to keep up with the rising cost of their household bills (FCA).


The cost of living is at an all-time high! The price of feeding a family of four for a week is estimated to be £129.


When your people choose to shop with a retailer enrolled in our Pluxee Card scheme, they’ll earn and grow a pot of cashback. They can use these funds towards the next weekly shop, a treat, or even a trip with the family, alleviating their financial burden whilst allowing them to enjoy more of what matters.


With over 80 retailers to earn cashback with, there’s something for everyone. Your employees can use their Pluxee Cashback Card wherever Visa prepaid is accepted, online and in-store – worldwide!


A cashback card for employee recognition & reward

Reward and recognition initiatives are essential to a successful HR strategy, boosting employee engagement, retention and motivation, setting you apart from the crowd when searching for new talent.


There is no one-fits-all approach; the best strategies start by determining what means the most to your people.


How do you deliver your employee rewards? Cash bonus? eVouchers? 


What if you could add funds to a cashback card using the same unique details for each employee every time?


It is an option to embed our Pluxee Card into your employee rewards strategy without utilising the cashback feature, but… why would you? The opportunity to earn cashback stretches the value of your employee rewards further, works harder for your people, and makes more of an impact.


Employee reward budgets can be tight. It’s time to get creative, using cost-effective and sustainable solutions that give your people more.


Our cashback card in action…


  1. You gift an employee a £100 bonus and add the funds to their Pluxee Card. 

  2. They spend that £100 with a retailer offering 15% cashback.

  3. They earn £15 cashback, making the actual value of their employee reward £115!


Take the scenario above and apply the same cashback earning potential of 15% but with a bonus and spending of £500. That £500 becomes £575!


This is the difference our cashback card can make! 


The cashback earning potential varies from retailer to retailer. It’s when employees continue to use their Pluxee Card as an alternative way to pay, adding funds as they go, that makes the most significant impact because the cashback accumulates.


A cashback card for consumer and member incentivisation

A 5% rise in customer retention can lead to a 75% increase in company profitability (Forbes).


British consumers are cutting back on essential items and shopping around for the best deals.


Is their membership with your business at risk in a bid to make savings?


Retaining members is far cheaper than attracting new ones. Your offering must be cutback-proof, becoming something members can’t do without. Show your members you understand their struggles and provide the solutions to help, like a cashback card that makes their money go further.


It’s a form of incentivisation and support, adding unbeatable value to your membership offering. 


When fuel prices peaked in 2022, we embarked on an innovative journey with an automotive client. Drivers struggled to keep their cars on the road, let alone buy new ones.


To overcome the financial implications of a dip in sales, our client gave a cashback card to every customer who purchased a car, adding a set amount every month for a year.


The customer participation rate was a massive 96%!


Adding their brand to our Pluxee Card ensured customers knew who to thank whenever they filled their tanks.


The Pluxee Card by Pluxee UK... giving you more of what matters


Our Pluxee Card wears many hats and is versatile enough to meet your bespoke needs. 


With Pluxee UK, you receive dedicated account management from start to finish, whether you’re embedding our cashback card as an employee benefit or to reward and incentivise employee or consumer behaviour.


The cost of doing business is also high. Whether you need to motivate employees or retain members and customers, the incentivisation tool must be cost-effective and sustainable in the long term. The key is to give and get more for less by embedding an offering that will lead to high engagement and participation.


Contact our employee engagement consultants today to unleash the power of our Pluxee Card in your business.