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14 November 2023

Did you attend the CIPD Annual Conference and Exhibition in Manchester last week? Our CEO, Burcin Ressamoglu, delivered a keynote session on Leading Employee Engagement Through EVP and Brand. During this blog, we’ll share essential takeaways to help you utilise the full potential of your Employee Value Proposition and Employer Brand, helping you engage your people and retain your talent.

Why employee engagement matters


Businesses with a highly engaged workforce benefit from 21% greater profitability and 59% less employee turnover.


Engaged employees = higher employee motivation and retention. 


Employee engagement matters. Whether employees are engaged or disengaged is down to their relationship with and perception of your business – something you can change.


As Burcin explained during her keynote, there’s been a 40% increase in unfilled vacancies over the past five years (Good Work Index), and 42% of employers are having difficulty filling vacancies, leading them to make more counter offers than ever before (Labour Market Outlook 2023).


Attaining and attracting the skills your business needs is challenging, and 64% of employers consider the cost of recruiting fresh skills to be a considerable financial risk over the next two years.


So, how can you ensure you get the best engagement levels possible?


The power of your brand


“Pluxee's brand reflects our commitment to redefining the future of the employee experience by amplifying joyful moments and creating opportunities.” Burcin Ressamoglu


What’s your business's mission or brand statement?


At Pluxee UK, it’s to open up a world of opportunities to help people enjoy more what really matters in their lives. Whilst we aim to do this for the businesses we partner with, this mission starts from within.


Walking the Talk Through HR Excellence


Impact. Inspire. Grow. These are the key themes at the heart of our employee experience.


“Our current EVP at Pluxee represents the promise of what we offer our people, both those already with us and those considering their next career move.” Burcin Ressamoglu


It’s essential to constantly evolve your HR processes to meet the changing needs of your people and business. Flexibility and hybrid working, for example, have become hygiene factors - a must-have.


Providing opportunities


87% of millennials prioritise development and career progression opportunities, and 89% believe it’s important to constantly learn on the job.


When you open up a world of learning opportunities to your employees, they’ll embrace it. Whether it’s for promotion, or the chance to learn new skills, your employees crave the sense of achievement that comes from learning and growing with your business.


Your learning and development strategy is essential to your Employee Value Proposition, showing your employees that you’re invested in them, thus boosting engagement.


Aligning brand, culture and EVP


“It is important to be inclusive in your Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) initiatives; you can do this by planning ahead to acknowledge a range of awareness days and faith celebration days that reflect your employees’ interests to ensure maximum engagement.” Claire Coleman, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Lead, Pluxee UK


70% of diverse organisations are more likely to report capturing a new market.


Embracing brand values within your EVP is essential. What you offer your employees must reflect your brand identity. For Pluxee UK, that means creating opportunities for our colleagues to enjoy more of what matters.


What matters?


The answer differs for every business and employee, and you can learn from your people and discover the right solution for them.


At Pluxee UK, we ensure our colleagues have more moments of joy by providing the employee benefits that help them to get the best from their lives, keep them healthy, and alleviate the burden of the cost-of-living crisis.


Building a retaining EVP with Pluxee UK


In the most basic terms, your EVP is what you can offer your employees beyond their monthly salary. We’ve explored the importance of brand, culture, and development opportunities. Now, we’ll explore the role of employee benefits.


At Pluxee UK, we provide an award-winning range of employee benefits that support employees’ financial, physical, and mental health, and you can view them here.


Financial wellbeing is a top priority for employers in today’s climate, so for this blog, we’ll focus on ways to boost your EVP with salary-stretching employee benefits. We recommend reading our article, ‘Salary Sacrifice: Making employee benefits cost-neutral’, for insights on financial wellbeing benefits that require little to no business investment, and save employers money.


Financial Wellbeing Guide




SmartPay helps your employees avoid high-interest loans or credit cards by spreading the up-front cost of technology, appliances, wellbeing, and lifestyle purchases through affordable and manageable salary deductions.


SmartPay integrates seamlessly with your existing employee benefits portfolio, and you can stay in control with an easy-to-use admin portal.


Did you know that if you already have our Employee Discounts Platform, you can add SmartPay to your offering at no extra cost* to your business?


Pluxee Discounts

Give employees more freedom in the choices they make every day with a wide range of discounts at their fingertips. Our exclusive money-saving deals stretch your employees’ salaries further. The chances to save are endless and can offer the equivalent of an inflation-busting pay rise! 

Our digital and accessible on-the-go Pluxee Discounts platform brings freedom and responsibly-minded choices to your employees, making life more joyful.


Pluxee Card


Our Pluxee Card works as hard as your people, creating opportunities for your business to link your recognition, incentive, and employee benefits strategies into one digital payment mechanism.


You can load cash rewards and incentives directly to the cards, and your employees can top it up as they go.


Help employees stretch their salaries further and enjoy more of what really matters, with the potential to earn up to 15% cashback when they purchase from one of the over 80 retailers we partner with.


Your employee-retaining EVP is more attainable than you may believe. Arrange a call today to discover how.





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