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Give more for less this Christmas

Is it ever too soon to start planning for Christmas? Research from November 2023 found that 83% of UK employees would prefer cash to a Christmas party!

Our eVoucher Codes and eVoucher Cheques are better than cash, so why not plan for Christmas 2024, today?

Reward with purpose, support with meaning and build lasting connections with your employees, clients, and customers with Pluxee eVouchers.

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By building powerful and trusted partnerships with our clients, merchants, and consumers, we can provide you with the best choice of retailers and money-saving deals.

We have over 100 retailers to choose from, and with our multi-retailer eVoucher Cheques, your people are free to pick their favourite!

If you prefer to select one retailer to spend with, our eVoucher Codes are the perfect choice, and we can offer an additional discount when you buy in bulk.*

Does your Christmas reward strategy need to be impactful, support your people, and give them more whilst being sustainable for your business?

You’re in the right place!

When you purchase eVouchers through Pluxeee, you can…

  1. Benefit from the most extensive choice of retailers.
  2. With eVoucher cheques you can limit the available retailers to align them with your organisation's values.
  3. Expect a discount if you buy evouchers in bulk.
  4. Trust that we'll only invoice you for redeemed eVoucher cheques.
  5. Request a speedy turnaround.
  6. Personalise your emails.
  7. Ask us to send the emails on your behalf.

Download our free Guide to Christmas eVouchers to discover everything you need to know about cost-effective and impactful Christmas rewards.

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