Employee Wellbeing Guide

Strategy and Implementation for a Sustainable Wellbeing Solution


You’re here because you care about the wellbeing of the people driving your business. You understand that boosting your employees’ wellbeing will boost their power to perform. The best journeys are those taken in partnership with someone else. With over 60 years of employee wellbeing and engagement experience under our belt, Pluxee will help drive the success of your wellbeing strategy.

Define your goals

The first thing to do is determine where you currently are on your employee wellbeing journey and, more importantly, where you want to be.

  1. Do you have an employee wellbeing strategy in place?
  2. Do you have a financial wellbeing tool to support your employees, such as retailer discounts?
  3. Do you have effective mental wellbeing support in place via an employee assistance programme?
  4. Do you offer your employees a variety of tools to boost physical wellbeing?
  5. Do you have employee benefits in place but poor uptake and engagement is making them unsustainable?

Expert knowhow

There are multiple steps to take when launching new business initiatives. While you may understand the importance of employee wellbeing, others in your business may need to see the benefits and potential return on investment before committing. 

Boost employee wellbeing with our step-by-step guide on establishing a wellbeing strategy and mindfulness pack.

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