Financial Wellbeing App

Essential Financial Wellbeing Support

Essential Financial Wellbeing Support

Bringing you the tools your employees need to boost their financial health, including a money management app and financial education to debt consolidation and employee savings schemes.

Financial education + money management tools = reduce employees’ financial anxiety.

Don’t let your employees fall into the trap of covering debts with more debt. Go back to basics, creating a culture where employees are confident to come to you with their financial concerns. 

Financial stability

Giving your people more financial stability

Employees experiencing money worries cost the UK economy £120 billion and 17.5 million lost work hours.

Financial anxiety impacts employees' physical and mental health. Embed a holistic financial wellbeing solution to nurture a healthier and happier workforce.

You can easily integrate our Financial Wellbeing offering into your existing payroll package, making it more time and cost-effective to provide essential employee support. 

Knowledge is power

Knowledge is power… share it!

Prevent the problems from arising.

We provide a range of resources and advice to help your employees better manage their finances. Prevention is better than cure, but we also provide crucial information for employees struggling with debt. 

Create healthy habits

Create healthy habits

Our Financial Wellbeing App links budgeting tools to your employees’ bank accounts to track their spending, allowing them to change their habits and set money aside.

Make money management easier!  

Employees can access wage withdrawals ahead of payday, track their earnings as they work, build up savings directly from their pay, chat with qualified financial coaches, check their financial health score and more. 

    Affordable Employee Loans

    Employees with bad credit will struggle to secure a loan with a high street lender.

    Financial anxiety + limited lending options = poor judgement and the risk of further debt.

    When your business funds an employee loan, repaid through salary deductions, you provide them with a manageable and safe way to afford the things they need.

    Don’t let your people fall prey to high-interest loans that will only worsen their situation.

    Provide the solution. 

    Help employees invest in their future

    Break the cycle.

    Turn debtors into savers by encouraging them to save alongside their loans – if possible. Alternatively, once an employee repays their loan, they could continue to deduct the repayment amount from their salary for you to set aside on their behalf.

    Your people could use their nest egg if another unexpected expense arises or to build a pot of savings for their future.

    Make debts manageable

    Debt is a cycle – one often leads to another, and before we know it, we have multiple creditors chasing for payments we can’t meet.

    You can help your employees combine their debts into one manageable payment by offering a Debt Consolidation solution.

    Less interest + less stress = faster debt repayment and more resilient employees.

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