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Revamped in 2023, 'Putting the X in Success' is a podcast by Pluxee dedicated to helping employers and HR professionals reap the benefits that follow when you focus on the wellbeing of your people. For over 60 years, Pluxee has been committed to boosting the employee experience. Through our podcasts, we aim to empower our listeners to make physical, mental, and financial wellbeing changes that will positively impact themselves and the employees in their care.






    Episode One:

      Reducing absenteeism & helping employees stay healthy

    Episode Two:

    Breaking Down Barriers to Affordable Mental Health Support

    Episode Three:

     CSR... How to be credible and impactful

    Episode Four:

    Your Employee Mental Health Toolkit

    Episode Five:

    Conversations that Matter During Men's Health Week and Beyond


    Episode One

    During this episode, Pluxee UK's Jonathan Bedford and Dr Olivia Codrington, a Lead GP from Doctor Care Anywhere, discuss the growing need for businesses to enhance the healthcare solutions they provide to their employees.

    We explore the impact sickness absences have on businesses and the pressures mounting on our NHS, offering a solution that reduces business losses and improves employee health: Online GP.

    Introducing our Digital Health Platform, Online GP, delivered in partnership with Doctor Care Anywhere, we illustrate why it's fast becoming the most in-demand employee benefit,  available at a fraction of the cost of private medical insurance.

    Episode Two

    In episode two of our 'Putting the X in Success' podcast series, Pluxee UK's Head of Commercial Retention, Oliver Bridges, is joined by our Pat Garland-Smith and Keith Osborne from our EAP partner, Care First.

    Breaking down the barriers and removing the stigma, our host and guest discuss the state of mental health in the UK and the impact this has on individuals and businesses.

    Exploring how you can implement an effective EAP (Employee Assistance Programme) into your business, we reveal the cost of mental health-related absenteeism and why employers can no longer afford not to support their employees' mental wellbeing.

    Implementing an impactful EAP is more affordable than you may think, and when there's a projected £8 return for every £1 invested, the numbers speak for themselves.

    Remove the barrier and break the stigma with us.

    Episode Three

    In a world filled with labels like 'greenwashing' and the minefield that is Net Zero and Scope 3 targets - your CSR strategy must stand up to scrutiny. 

    Having a CSR strategy has become a 'right to play', being credible with your ambitions and impactful with your actions is more impactful than ever. Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do here at Pluxee UK. 

    Join our CEO, Burcin Ressamoglu and Claire Atkins-Morris, Director of Sustainability at Sodexo UK&I, to unpack the jargon behind Corporate Social Responsibility and make credible and impactful changes in your business.

    Episode Four

    Our latest podcast is one not to miss during #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek and every other week of the year!

    It's OK not to be OK, and it's also OK to talk about it.

    When you give your employees their own mental health toolkit and provide effective support, you can catch them before they fall.

    In episode four of our podcast series, Putting the X in Success, two of our Mental Health First Aiders (MHFAs) have come together to create a mental health toolkit for you and your employees to embed into your lives.

    Bhupinder Dhillon and Debbie Evans bring you an authentic and impactful podcast, sharing what led them to become MHFAs and prioritise their mental health.

    Debbie and Bhups are passionate about wellbeing, and it's impossible to stop yourself from being pulled in, soaking up their words of wisdom, and feeling inspired to make the changes your mind and body need.

    Episode Five

    Brought to you by our own Gyan Tayal with special guest Dr Tim Bray, Chief Medical Officer of Doctor Care Anywhere, this episode tackles the difficult topics that impact men today.

    Looking at the whole person, Gyan and Tim present a holistic view of men's health. They explore the connection and relationship between physical, mental, and social factors - how they piece together to create an overall picture of health.

    Stigma shouldn't be a barrier to seeking support, but for some, it is.

    Watch or listen with friends, family, and colleagues to make this International Men's Health Week the one that provokes change.

    TW: This episode references male suicide and topics some listeners may find upsetting.