Pluxee Cycle To Work Scheme

A free* and fully managed scheme...

Enhance the physical and financial wellbeing of your people

Cycle to work

It’s good for your people…

  • Spread the cost of the bike of your dreams.
  • Save on the cost of the commute.
  • Stay fit and healthy.
  • Enhance your mental wellbeing.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Save up to 42% in tax and NI contributions!
  • Apply for a new or upgraded bike and get all your accessories under the same scheme. There are no end-of-hire charges – once repaid, the bike is yours!
Cycle to work

It’s great for your business…

  • Cycle to Work is a popular employee benefit that boosts engagement.
  • Lower your overall business emissions.
  • Help stretch employees’ salaries so they can afford more.
  • Healthy and engaged employees reduce absenteeism.
  • An employee benefit that will help you attract and retain talent.
  • Save up to 13.8% on National Insurance payments with salary sacrifice arrangement.
Cycle to work

And the Pluxee difference…

As an employer, this scheme is free!* We provide account management and marketing support to power your scheme’s success.

  • Our online portal keeps your workload to an absolute minimum.
  • The best scheme for your people and business, spreading the salary sacrifice arrangement over 12 or 18 months.
  • You’re in control with our online portal easily, accessed via desktop or mobile. 

We partner with a diverse range of specialist bike dealers across the UK who cater to everyone, no matter their needs, budget, location, or journey to work. Your employees will have access to a wide range of bikes and equipment, making it easier than ever for them to start cycling their way to a better commute today. 

Giving your people more of what matters…

Cycle to Work - More of what matters

With our Cycle to Work scheme, your employees receive UNLIMITED lifetime safety checks on all cycles obtained through the scheme, a Lifetime Guarantee on selected bikes, an optional 14-day free insurance on all bikes, and an additional unlimited 10% discount card on cycle essentials giving them even more ways to save!

Making business more joyful…

With Scheme Protect, should an employee leave before they’ve repaid their scheme, any outstanding deficit will be covered, removing the financial risk to your business.


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* Applicable to all businesses over 50 employees