Employee Assistance Programme

Essential mental health support when your people need it most.

Over 13 million working days are lost every year to stress-related illnesses.

Removing the mental health stigma

We’re removing the mental health stigma. Are you?

Remove the stigma around mental health with an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP).

Mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety are believed to trigger 70% of doctor visits and 85% of serious illnesses.

Be proactive. Empower your people to recognise the signs of mental ill health and give them a safe place to turn when they need support. 

More peace of mind for your people

Why is our EAP such an essential resource for your people and business?

As you’d expect from Pluxee UK, it ensures your people have more of what they need.

More space to talk with BACP-accredited counsellors… 

Face-to-face counselling

Face-to-face counselling

Email and phone support

Email and phone support

App-based crisis support

App-based crisis support

All are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – at work, at home – whenever help is needed!

If your employees just need guidance, that’s fine too, and with our EAP app, daily support is just a tap away. 

More tools

More tools for your managers

Empowering the people who manage your… people.

Our EAP includes a space specifically for managers, giving them the tools, information and support they need to help their teams.

Be it workplace or life changes – kit your managers out with everything they need to be empathetic and confident people leaders.

Employee wellbeing is more than a tick-box exercise. To be most impactful, you should ingrain wellbeing into your values and culture. Training your leaders to effectively support your employees’ mental wellbeing helps embed the ethos into your culture and removes the stigma.

Dedicated Menopause Support

Dedicated Menopause Support Service

8/10 menopausal women are in work, and more than 10% left work due to menopause symptoms.

Too many female employees leave the workplace before they’re ready due to a lack of awareness, understanding and support.

Understanding & awareness + professional support = retention of top talent

Remove the taboo.

Give women experiencing Perimenopause, Menopause and Andropause 24/7 access to Menopause Mentors and the comprehensive support they need to overcome the physical and psychological symptoms.

Support your female employees through this journey so they can continue to be their best selves - for them, their families, and your business.

More return for your business

More return for your business

Mental ill-health increases employee absences, reduces engagement, and impacts your bottom line.

Any steps to support your employees’ mental health will yield a return.

The more fit for purpose the support, the higher the return – in more areas than one.

Retain your people… attracting fresh talent

Employees are seeking socially responsible employees who take their wellbeing seriously. Our Employee Assistance Programme solidifies your position as a conscious employer and earns you the loyalty of your people.

More value with Pluxee

More value with Pluxee UK as your partner

While you’re busy nurturing your engaged workforce, we’re keeping your EAP running smoothly.

End-to-end programme management comes as standard, with a dedicated account manager on hand to help create an engagement strategy to get your EAP offering off to the best start. We’ll handle any queries and provide regular usage reports for transparency.

The right package for you…

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to employee wellbeing. Our EAP is a flexible service package, and you can tailor your offering to meet your business type, size, and requirements. 

Learn more about our EAP today