Green Cars

A greener and leaner commute made affordable with over 18,000 cars to choose from.

Commute more joyful

Make the daily commute more joyful

A brand-new Green Car of your employees’ choice, purchased via a salary sacrifice arrangement!

We have over 18,000 Green Cars for your people to choose from – the biggest in the business! Everything’s taken care of, including annual servicing and maintenance, insurance, road tax, roadside assistance - even replacement tyres!

An opportunity for everyone to save on the latest ultra-low emission and electric cars to powerful coupes, family-friendly SUVs and practical hatchbacks.

Green cars for your people

Green Cars for your people

Our Green Car offering is a salary sacrifice scheme that helps your employees afford an eco-friendly car, reducing the cost of their daily commute.

Spreading the cost via monthly salary deductions makes purchasing a new car more affordable. Better still, every employee who takes up our Green Car scheme will save on their monthly tax bill and National Insurance Contributions. There are also great purchase options at the end of the vehicle’s lease.

So much more than a salary-stretching offering!

Low-emission vehicles are cheaper to run than petrol or diesel alternatives, which means your employees also save on the costs of keeping their new car on the road.

Green car solutions

Green solutions for your business

The average National Insurance Contribution saving is £350 per ultra-low emission car purchased via our Green Cars salary sacrifice scheme. With additional tax savings to be made, it’s the cost-neutral employee benefit that makes doing business more joyful.

The more employees that take up our Green Car scheme = more savings for your business!

Did you know the way your employees commute to work is recorded under your business emissions?

For every employee that switches to an ultra-low emission vehicle, you’re reducing your carbon footprint. 

Healthy Employees

The Pluxee Effect… more of what matters

While you’re planning how to reinvest your savings into your next employee engagement initiative, we’re keeping your scheme running smoothly.

Our Pluxee Green Cars scheme is a fully managed end-to-end service!

We keep your admin to a minimum, negotiating with suppliers, automating payments, and handling all queries from your employees. We even have a dedicated team to help boost uptake amongst your workforce, ensuring your scheme delivers the impact your people and business deserve.

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