A Salary Sacrifice Car Scheme for Everyone

Choosing ultra-low emission cars also provides a whole host of financial savings both for both your people and your business.

This is because when your employees swap a portion of their salary for a new car, that portion of their salary is sacrificed before tax and National Insurance is deducted, saving both of you some money every month.

With our salary sacrifice car scheme, your employees can have use of a brand-new car of their choice – and when we say ‘choice’, how does a selection of over 18,000 cars sound to you? That’s the biggest in the business! Plus, everything is taken care of; including annual servicing and maintenance, insurance, road tax, roadside assistance... even replacement tyres!

Choosing to offer ultra-low emission vehicles to your staff isn’t just a good deal for you and your employees; it’s also a great deal for the planet – reducing your company’s carbon footprint and helping make the commute cleaner and greener for everyone.


All your car needs in one simple, affordable package. Here’s just some of the benefits you can look forward to…

Unbeatable Choice of Vehicles

We’ve got the biggest choice of vehicles in the business: from the latest ultra-low emission and electric cars, to powerful coupes, family-friendly SUVs and practical hatchbacks. They’re all right here for you and your staff to enjoy.


Big Savings for Employers

As payments are deducted straight for an employee’s salary, employers can look forward big tax savings. For instance, organisations who choose our scheme make an average National Insurance contribution saving of £350 per ultra-low emission car. So, it’s not just your employees making the savings – your business will have less to pay in tax as well!


A Complete Package

Our salary sacrifice car schemes come with everything included; Insurance, servicing and maintenance are all taken care of in affordable monthly repayments. Plus, there's also great purchase options at the end of the vehicle’s lease.


We Make It All Easy

We know you’re already busy taking care of the needs of your workforce; that’s why our car scheme is a fully-managed end-to-end service. We keep the administration to a minimum for you, negotiating with suppliers, automating payments and handling all queries from your employees.



Our car schemes can really help your employees to save quite a substantial amount of money over the course of a year, and they’re a fantastic method of boosting engagement in your business.
Our Company car scheme provides Clear Communications
Clear Communications
We generate and implement dedicated communication plans around your benefit window for your employees; helping them to sign up to take advantage of this fantastic benefit.
Our Affordable Car Benefit Offers Complete Peace of Mind
Peace of Mind
Relax! All our cars come with UK and European breakdown and recovery as part of the service.
Our Car Schemes Are Available On One Simple Platform
One Simple Platform
Our entire range of cars can be accessed through our Employee Benefits Platform. Whether you want the full package, or just one specific service, it's all delivered through the same easy-to-use portal

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