7 Effective Recruitment Tips for Attracting Managers


Attracting talented managers

1. Flexibility

2. Review your EVP & Employer Brand

3. Ensure your rewards & benefits are competitive

4. Showcase your social value credentials

5. Promote internally

6. Employee advocacy

7. Embrace people, people

How Sodexo Engage can help with talent acquisition


84% of UK job applicants said they judge a company based on the process it uses for recruitment. HR Grapevine

Finding the right fit for your business is a challenge all HR professionals face whenever they start the recruitment process. However, when you’re looking for a person to lead and develop an already established team, the candidate needs to have that extra special something.

It’s an employee-driven market, and it’s no longer just about finding the right fit for your business. You also need to convince your ideal candidates that your company is right for them.

Every business will have its USP, and some will be able to offer incentives that others can’t.

This article will give you seven effective tips for attracting the best managers, broken down into two sections. The first will focus on the initial talent attraction stage, and the second will focus on ensuring you’re offering the role to the right person.


Attracting Talented Managers

We know what’s important to job seekers right now, and whilst some demands result from the cost-of-living crisis, others are due to generational preferences and priorities.

Other businesses will have done their due diligence on this, so before you even draft the job description, review what benefit packages and additional perks other companies are offering for roles of the same level.


Enhance Your Sustainable Wellbeing Strategy


1.      Flexibility

65% of job seekers would reject a role that didn’t offer flexibility. The law now states that all employees have the right to request flexible working, but the legal requirement on the employer is to handle these requests in a ‘reasonable manner’ – there’s no guarantee of approval.


Flexibility looks different for every business, but the more flexible you can be, the better. Having ‘flexible working’ on your job listing will ensure that that extra 65 % will consider you.


2.      Review Your EVP & Employer brand

Your employee value proposition is comprised of the following:

  • Employee Benefits
  • Career Development Opportunities
  • Salary

Whereas your employer brand could include:

  • Company Culture
  • Working Environment

These elements tell potential new managers everything they want to know, painting a picture of the employee experience that awaits. It’s essential to convey these elements in the job description and reinforce them at every stage of the interview and onboarding process.

84% of HR leaders agree that embedding an employee reward and recognition strategy into your business boosts employee engagement and retention rates. Potential new managers need to see that their hard work will be recognised and that they’ll be encouraged to use rewards to drive their team’s motivation.


3.  Ensure your rewards and benefits are Competitive

Although rewards and benefits are included within your overall EVP, assessing their effectiveness is essential. We reviewed what the UK businesses that made it onto the Top Employers of 2022 list had in common, and a robust reward and recognition strategy was a shared theme.

In the current cost-of-living crisis, employers are being called upon to help employees’ wages stretch further. 

This is where financial benefits come into their own.

Sodexo Engage’s employee discount platform helps your employees make meaningful savings on everyday essentials and high-end purchases. Additionally, our employee cashback card can be incorporated into your business as a benefit, and a means to deliver financial rewards. It’s a prepaid card powered by VISA that could earn your employees up to 15% cashback at participating retailers.

Communicate your financial wellbeing package in your advertisement, and you’ll stand out from the crowd.


4. Showcase Your Social Value Credentials

Whilst you may not want to add too much information to the job advertisement, your social value credentials must be visible. Ensure they’re listed on your website and featured on social media because the first thing a job seeker will do after they’ve read your job listing is head over to your website – especially if they’ve viewed the job via a third party.

By 2025, Millennials will make up 75% of the global workforce, and they’re looking for socially responsible employers.

Your company’s approach to Corporate Social Responsibility and social values defines what you stand for and will form part of a potential candidate’s decision-making process.


Finding the Right Person


5. Promote Internally

What better way to practice what you preach than by promoting from your current talent pool? Career development opportunities form part of your EVP, and you need to offer promotions to retain and engage the people you already have.

One of the best things about promoting internally is that your current workforce has already passed the test! They’ve successfully completed the recruitment and probation process, fit in with the workplace culture and see a future with the business. Another benefit is that it won’t involve an external recruitment agency, saving the business money.


Enhance Your Sustainable Wellbeing Strategy

6. Employee advocacy

Your employees can be your best advocates and not just when you’re recruiting. 

LinkedIn has over 30 million UK members, and your employees will have created their own networks. Encourage them to share snippets of their working day, such as when they’ve been given a gift or completed a fundraising activity – all the elements that support your brand and cultural identity. 

When you have vacancies to advertise externally, encourage your people to share the link to the job listing on their social platforms. They’ll have a vast and varied audience and can promote what they love about the business.

Over 12 million people on LinkedIn have listed that they’re open to new job opportunities. By effectively managing employee brand advocacy, your message will be more credible and reach further.


7. Embrace People, People

You often find your best managers outside of the industry in which you operate. Managers need to be good leaders, listeners, and motivators. They must be engaging and know how to get the best from your people.

These are the essential skills to look for in your potential candidates because new sectors and product information can all be learnt on the job. Cast a wide net, embrace diversity, and look beyond what’s written on the CV so you can get to know your potential new recruits.


How Sodexo Engage can help with the talent acquisition

Sodexo Engage has lived and breathed all things employee experience for over 60 years. We know what it takes to boost your EVP and attract and retain top talent.

We’re committed to empowering people and fuelling businesses with cost-effective employee rewards and benefits. Contact our employee engagement experts today, and they’ll get you on the path to attracting the managers your business needs.



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